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Saturday ride report (with pictures)(5 posts)

Saturday ride report (with pictures)PeterRider
Dec 9, 2002 11:56 AM
To change you a bit from snow-storm pictures from the East Coast, here is my ride report from last saturday, in the San Gabriel mtns in SoCal. 77 miles, 9600ft climbing. As I've been doing recently, I made a small web page, it is on

Great pics, thanks for the reportms
Dec 9, 2002 6:07 PM
Although I like snow (in moderate amounts) and like where I live (Maryland), the riding conditions here last weekend (fit only for MB1 and Miss M) and the scenery in your pictures make me want move to California. Just kidding about wanting to move to California -- but your pictures do remind me how much I have enjoyed visiting California in the past and look forward to doing it again. I will have to keep your loop in mind if I can add a day to my next trip to LA.
Post a message before going to LA and we can ride together :-)PeterRider
Dec 9, 2002 11:32 PM
Thanks for the invitems
Dec 10, 2002 12:56 PM
I may be in LA in early March. I will post a message if I am coming to LA. Be warned: I am a slow rider -- distance is not a problem.
Takes Me Back- Did Gleason Twicepeter in NVA
Dec 10, 2002 3:29 PM
When I lived in LA, I rode the San Gabriels all the time - those are biking mountains! When I introduced a friend to mtb riding we did Strawberry Peak this time of year and it was 10F at the start - same as at my house yesterday in VA (w/o the humidity).