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I am lusting after the Shimano Ultegra wheel set....(9 posts)

I am lusting after the Shimano Ultegra wheel set....mlester
Dec 9, 2002 7:40 AM
am I the only one? Or am I the only one that doesn't have them yet? All I want for Christmas.....

Better read the reviews...jtolleson
Dec 9, 2002 8:04 AM
I'm not sure that they have been particularly highly regarded, and you can get better durability at lighter weight with just an OP/Ultegra hub combo.
They might look cool, but ...pmf1
Dec 9, 2002 8:15 AM
They're fairly heavy and not very aero. I also read complaints about them not being true from the factory and having exposed seams. These problems might not exist anymore for all I know.

As the other poster has said, a set of Open Pro rims and DA hubs would give you a stronger, lighter wheel for less money. They won't have the gee whiz looks though.

I saw some prebuilts like this in the latest Colorado Cyclist catalogue for around $250 which is a pretty decent price. CC is reputed to build very good wheels.
re: I am lusting after the Shimano Ultegra wheel set....firstrax
Dec 9, 2002 9:31 AM
Had mine for 7500 miles and no problems or truing needed. But I may not be typical. I weigh 170 and consider myself very aware of road obsticals. I cant really speak for durabitity since I have not hit anything of size. They do roll nicer and are more comfortable than my OP's. I think Shimano is selling these wrong. They should be sold as high end comfort wheels not racing wheels. For century rides there great but I would not race crits with them.

The bottom line, if you want to ride long distance in comfort and style, get them. If your a crit racer or the kind of guy that always seems to need his wheels trued, dont.

As for me, I'd buy them again.
I would buy them again too.the other Tim
Dec 9, 2002 9:47 AM
I have the older DA version. I am hard on wheels, and these have held up beautifully. I trued the the rear wheel very slightly once this season. The hubs are sweet, spokes and rims are tough, and the ride is nice.

These wheels have proven to be so tough that I plan on getting the XTR version for my XC bike.
I'll second that...mleptuck
Dec 9, 2002 9:49 AM
...if you're talking specifically about the WH-R535 wheels.

I'm a relative novice (first season of riding, and I managed about 1200 miles, 600 of which were on the Shimanos), but I am a big guy (6'3", about 230#s).

I was somewhat reluctant to buy a bike with these wheels (a 2001 Raleigh R700) due to my size. The mechanic at my LBS assured me I'd be fine -- he'd seen bigger guys dump these wheels very violently and not need any re-truing. I was still relucnant, but got the bike anyway.

To date, I've logged about 600 miles on these wheels, as I said, and was unfortunate enough to go down hard in a patch of gravel (I had to choose a large pothole, the gravel, or some large rocks in the shoulder, I 'chose' the gravel). The wheels are still completely true as my eyebally can make out. I have not needed to have an initial re-truing either, as many told me I would probably have to.

As a novice and a non weight-nazi, I think this is a damn fine set of wheels.
3rd it.Scot_Gore
Dec 9, 2002 3:06 PM
I'm a 240# non racer. I have about 3600 miles on my 535's. They are bullet proof IMHO.

Like the above poster they came on the bike. When I got them I looked at those 16 spokes and said "only a matter of time before this fat man does em in".....I was wrong.

There are lighter wheels, so if weight in your priority, get another wheel.

my 2 cents.

re: I am lusting after the Shimano Ultegra wheel set....Ironbutt
Dec 9, 2002 4:54 PM
I have a set of the Ultegra wheels and a set of the Dura-Ace. Both have been utterly reliable and have not needed trueing in over 6500 miles on each set. I'm 6'7" and about 210 pounds currently, so I'm no lightweight. One comment about the overall weight of the Shimano wheels is that the weight is concentrated mostly at the hub, which results in a lower polar moment of inertia. They will accelerate quickly, although their real strong point is comfort over long distances. And despite reputation to the contrary, the fact that they have only 16 spokes makes them more aerodynamic than most othere wheelsets.
I like my Shimano Ultegra 6500 wheel set....teamsloppy
Dec 9, 2002 8:27 PM
I commute daily on mine. 4000 plus miles since July.

They have been great and true. They seem to stay truer than conventional 28/32 spokers.

The "turn in" seems slower than the 28/32 spokes they replaced. You can see the wheel flex when making sharp turns: my beautifully stiff and responsive Klein seems a little slower. But, I am now an ex-racer: too many broken bones and nasty surgery. It could be that I am afraid to push the turns now.

Straight line form is improved (the wheel compensates for the slight wobble in my pedal style, which is pretty smooth to start).

The machined brake surface gets a little dusty with brake pad; but cleans up well with 409 detergent.

I bought mine twice: once from Peformance and finally from Cambria Bike. Use the hot deals link here:

Be sure they come in the original Shimano Boxes (one wheel in a separate box) with the word shimano all over the box. Performance shipped a "used at least once" and "damaged" set repacked in a single box. Cambria shipped them in the original Shimano boxes and they where true.

Be sure to order rim tape and tubes with long or extra long presta valves. And new brake pads, the brake surface is flatter in shape than most conventioanl wheels.

Enjoy them. You can't help not. They ride great. Look good too.