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Syntace aero bars(3 posts)

Syntace aero barsJoshua
Dec 9, 2002 4:29 AM
I was wondering if any one had any impressions of the syntace c2 aero bars. I am currently using a set of profile airstrykes and they are not very comfortable to me. I know that it shouldnt be comfy but my arms feel like they are always going to slide out. I have been working with them since the summer and I can't get them right.I guess they may not be compatible with me.

re: Syntace aero barsChen2
Dec 9, 2002 6:50 AM
I went from Airstrykes to C2's and I'm happy but can't say they are more comfortable. In fact I think the Airstrykes held my arms more securely. The Syntace set is lighter and doesn't interfere with the D-A shift cables like the Airstrykes. I added the Syntace lift kit for comfort which probably offset the weight advantage. I'll have to admit that part of the reason I switched was appearance, I don't believe there is a performance advantage of one over the other.
i'd recommend them, they're very comfy...curtybirdychopper
Dec 9, 2002 10:38 AM
But I dont like that they are set so highly above the handlebars. they mount above the handlebars; they could be attached differently and I'd be happier. Some aero bars mount underneath the handlebars, and for me these would probably be too low, something about even with the height of the handlebars would be good.

all in all, they are simple, light, strong and comfy. you'll be happy with them if they fit you right--the only adjustment is the width of forearm rest (other than the sizes the come in).