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Diadora Voyager and other "Touring" shoe questions(4 posts)

Diadora Voyager and other "Touring" shoe questionstreeman
Dec 8, 2002 1:15 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a "touring" style shoe - I have short, wide feet (8E) which can be a fit problem.

Does anyone know about the Diadora Voyager shoe on sale at Performance? Especially, does it tend to be on the narrow side? How stiff are they?

Other shoes I have test fit and like are the Specialized Rockhopper and Shimano MO37's. The Specialized are just a bit wider IMO. Any opinions on these two shoes?

Finally, has anyone tried the new Specialized Sonoma "road shoes"? Are they a wider shoe? Stiffness?

Thanks for any input.

re: Diadora Voyagerstrout_bum
Dec 8, 2002 1:51 PM
I just got mine my Voyagers yesterday. I haven't ridden with them yet, but they fit really well and seem comfy. Quality seems more than sificiant for $39.95!. I have them set up for Shimano SPD pedals which I will use on my fixed gear Bianchi(which I'm waiting for from LBS). I wanted shoes I can do longer rides in but also walk around in if I go meet me friends(say at the pub for example!), commuting etc. I wear a 44.5 SIDI and the size 44 Diadoras have a similar fit-perhaps slightly wider. One other note if you want to set them up for SPDs you'll need a sharp utilty knife to cut out rubber plug on sole. I kept rubber divots in case I want to glue them back on and use toe clip pedals someday.
PS they have them for the same price at Nashbar which I prefer over Performance as they have biffed on shipping more than once for me-I am trying to track a Fed Ex right now that was sent to the wrong address!
re: Diadora Voyagersabelson
Dec 8, 2002 2:04 PM
I havn't tried the voyagers but I have wide feet (ee)I have always found that diadora mountain shoes work the best for me
Mammba & Gecko Mtb Shoe: narrow heel, medium forefootteamsloppy
Dec 8, 2002 6:44 PM
I use Diadora for the opposite reason you are interested. I have a narrow heel and a medium forefoot (metatarsal). My shoe size is 9 to 10, B or C (43 to 44.5 euro ). I ride on size 43 Diadora Mamba and Geckos in summer. I ride a pair of Diadoara 44 Mamba in winter (with thick socks to keep my toes warm). I run on Adidas. I ski on Nordica and Scarpa. (All narrow or medium reputation).

My impression is that if you have a "WIDE" foot, the Diadora's aren't for you.

I have Shimanos that I don't like. The shimano is too wide in the forefoot causing pain due to lack of support on long rides.

It's tough to buy shoes over the Internet, if you have not tried the shoe on.

With Performance, you can buy a few sizes and return those that don't fit: the cost is return shipping.

Good Luck.