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Update to my incorrect bike sizing issue(2 posts)

Update to my incorrect bike sizing issuescottfromcali
Dec 8, 2002 12:20 PM
If you will remember I posted a few days ago about what I should do with a Giant TCR large frame. I didnt want to both with the LBS that I bought the bike from, they didnt seem willing to take it back or trade-in for another bike from them. So, off I went to other LBS's in my area (all of them Giant dealers) the first shop I stopped at I told the owner my situation and he offered to sell me a new TCR and take my current bike in on consignment. Not a bad deal I thought, I'll keep it as an option. The 2nd shop I stopped at I knew had a 02 TCR2 in stock in a med, just what I needed. I demoed the bike had them make adjustments to be sure and get the size right for me. After 20mins of riding I was confident it felt good this time and I brought it back in "I'll take it". The shop took the bike and the mechanic was making adjustments to it. I was walking around the shop all this time looking at other bikes and noticed a Giant TRC frame hanging, upon closer inspection this was a med frame with a price tag at 300?
Strange I thought, and asked the shop owner about it he told me it was a Time trail frame TCR Aero. It was at 300 becaue of a manufactors defect, a very small chip in the top tube. We took a look at the frame geometries to find that the TT frame and TCR2 frames were identical. So I bought the black TCR Aero frame, the components are on I just havent had a chance to ride it.
re: ... an unsusual way to resolve the issue...Akirasho
Dec 8, 2002 1:10 PM
... but if you're happy with the outcome and get out and ride then... HOOOOOORAY!!!

We abide.

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