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Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...(9 posts)

Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...JustDoIt
Dec 8, 2002 1:24 AM
hey guys, I saw a Santini jersey over the net, I've never tried that brand before, and I have doubts about the fit. I've a pair of REI jerseys that I believe fit me the way a cyling jersey should fit not loose but not too tight, the size is XL, I stand 6'0" and about 200-10 lbs. and Own a performance jersey too that is XXL that fits loose enoough to be a little bit uncomfortable (which was a present by the way). My Question is, Should I order the XL or XXL for the Santini jersey? Any help will be appreciated. Thanx.

J. Here, Peace Out.
re: Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...roadcyclist
Dec 8, 2002 5:45 AM
go to they have an excellent size chart on the information page and if you order from them, you fill out a size questionaire and they send you the correct size. I bought a Mapei full-zip jersey (made by Santini) from them and they sent the correct size. By the way, it's one of the most comfortable jerseys I've ever owned (Pearl Izumi, Cannondale, Performance, Canari).
Also, World Cycling Productions catalog...cydswipe
Dec 8, 2002 6:36 AM
..has recently started printing a size chart for all of it's jerseys/bibs. They carry a ton of "brands" for a lot of pro teams. It is really frustrating how sizes do not corrolate between companies. Personally, I can't afford to buy anything from WCP, but the chart comes in handy when I look at clothing elsewhere.
re: Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...terry b
Dec 8, 2002 8:46 AM
At your size I doubt you'd be able to breath in a Santini XL.

I wear an L in just about everything (5'11", 175, 40 inch chest) except Santini. A Santini L is like a skin suit on me. I wear an XL, so I'd guess an XXL would be better for you.

I second the recommendation on Bikejerseys - Hank is great with returns on Santinis that don't fit. Speaking from personal experience here.
i'm gonna step it up a notchyeah right
Dec 8, 2002 10:39 AM
I doubt a XXL will fit.

I'm 6'4" and 215, and when I picked last years Mapei jersey XXL, off the rack, I started to laugh. It's an Italian XXL, which as I've learned is much different than and American XXL. I fit cannondale, performance and voler (club cut) XLs for reference.
you're probably rightterry b
Dec 8, 2002 3:42 PM
XXXL if there is such a thing.
XXL or XXXLtarwheel
Dec 9, 2002 5:28 AM
I am 5'11" and weigh about 190. The one Santini jersey I have is a XXXL and it fits OK around the chest, but is too long. I never wear it for that reason. In most European jerseys, XXL fits me just right but Santinis seem to fit tighter than many around the chest. At your height, the XXXL might be just right.

The jersey fitting chart at is a pretty good guide, but I've found it's better to size a little smaller than their charts indicate for my size.
re: Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...trout_bum
Dec 8, 2002 11:44 AM
I am 5-11" 161 lbs. I have a L and XL Santini. I think I prefer the L-snug fit, but not overly. At your size I would go XXL or larger. Santini jerseys are nice stuff.
re: Hey guy's... Here's one about Jersey fit...pina
Dec 8, 2002 6:22 PM
i have many santini jerseys, etc. I am the same size as you. The real answer to your question depends on your chest size. If your chest is 42 or bigger you are a XXL, no doubt in my mind (many jerseys later). Smaller than a 42 and you can get by with a XL. It all depends on your shoulders and chest.