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Defending the title.(4 posts)

Defending the title.GEORGIADOG
Dec 7, 2002 4:29 AM
Thinking warmer thoughts, do you guys think next years tour might be a little bit more challenging for Lance with Ullrich coming back and possibly Pantani ,Simoni and I wouldn't count out Aitor Gonzalez.Just seems like it will be alot more interesting next year than years past. Wouldn't it also be cool if Cipollini mixed things up as well.
re: Defending the title.Racer C
Dec 7, 2002 12:36 PM
I agree. The fight for second place will be much more interesting. :)
re: Defending the title.CARBON110
Dec 8, 2002 6:14 AM
I think a good Simoni is the only challenge to Beloki for second. Beloki did really well this year in the Tour. He was the ONLY one to stay with Heras and LA on the mtns when the hammer dropped. Thats impressive. Simoni is explosive and strong. But he will be doing the Giro I bet so that may mix his year up for an all out Tour peak. It will be great if Cipo and Zabel get to race. Then Robbie will get his bad attitude shoved back in his face. I am sre Zabel wont let the green jersey go again and he is used to working it alone. Just like Simoni will in the Mtns by LA. Robbie must really think alot of himself to sputter the nonsense he has over the last four months. I thought Simoni was trying to get headlines and did, but knows deep down LA will finish him by more than 7minutes next year. As wellit being LA's 5th TDF potential win, I betLeblanc will have anyone whocan climb to be there, ok ok maybe not Pantani but you never know....
re: Defending the title.CARBON110
Dec 8, 2002 11:34 AM
The above applys only if Ullrich does not race of course.... then everyone will be fighting for 3rd place although Beloki did do well this year I am not quite sure he can condend with Ullrich in the Alps and the Pyrns. both everyday. But you never know what will happen if there are 10 VERY good climbers. Just my opinion.