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North Carolina Piedmont Ride Road Condition Report(3 posts)

North Carolina Piedmont Ride Road Condition Reportabicirider
Dec 6, 2002 3:53 PM
Just wanted to post incase a few will be riding sat or sun in Piedmont of North Carolina. Got on the bike around 2:45pm today for about a 2.5 hr ride. I thought the roads would be half way decent my route is starts 25 miles north of Charlotte(Troutman, NC). anyways things to watch out for 1) the Ice is coming down from the trees everywhere be carefull especially in shaddy areas where it is not melting and causing very slick surface I almost went down twice. Watch for broken tree branches in the roades they are everywhere. Also something I didn't plan on encountering downed power line 2 times on a 2.5 hr ride I came across downed powerlines laying in the middle of the road.
Overall conditions aren't bad The roads are pretty dry other than in shady areas. Don't think there should be any problems riding this weekend just look ahead and pay attention.
it is really amazing how much damage Ice can create I saw 40-50 year old huge oak trees tumbled down laying across the roofs of houses and cars amazing.
Anyways. The roads are going to be wet so dress accordingly. have fun and be carefull.

Ray Still
Mooresville, North Carolina
re: North Carolina Piedmont Ride Road Condition ReportCARBON110
Dec 6, 2002 6:53 PM
sounds like the mtns saved Ashevilles butt this time. We had some realy high winds a few days before the storm that threw whole trees into the roads and it was like 55 out. But, we didnt even lose our power :) So I think we lucked out big time. The parkway was a mess
re: North Carolina Piedmont Ride Road Condition Reporttarwheel
Dec 9, 2002 5:45 AM
I rode 30 miles Saturday and 41 miles Sunday around the Triangle. Roads were generally icefree, but I didn't ride until the afternoons. It would have been treacherous on Saturday morning, with a low in the teens and lots of ice on the roads. By the time I got out, the ice had mostly melted but there were lots of limbs, power lines and debris on the roads. Lots of power crews working in our area -- with 200,000 people still without power on Saturday -- and I had to wiggle my way through one blocked road where they were putting up new lines. Many trees around here look like they were hit by lightning or some huge giant just sat on them -- all the trunks snapped and splayed out to the sides. I would rather have a big snowstorm any day rather than the ice we got. Nothing good comes out of an ice storm.