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Why Campy Sucks!(15 posts)

Why Campy Sucks!DuraAceBob
Dec 6, 2002 10:30 AM
1. Everyone knows carbon fiber components are over priced and won't ever hold up.

2. Italian arrogance, only the Greeks are worse.

3. If I wanted artsy stuff, I would go to a museum and buy it.

4. Lance rides Dura Ace and everyone knows he is the greatest Tour rider of all time.

5. It doesn't measure up to Dura Ace.
You are a fool and probably shop at WalMart. (nm)Mariowannabe
Dec 6, 2002 10:48 AM
OK, here's the deal...seyboro
Dec 6, 2002 10:49 AM
...I'll take my Campy stuff and you take your Dura-Ace stuff and we'll shove both of them up your a$$. Whichever stays in longer, wins!
Makes you wonder...spyderman
Dec 7, 2002 9:52 AM
That comment makes me wonder what else you've been shoving up peoples a$$'s???
yipppiiieee, a gay joke!!!seyboro
Dec 7, 2002 7:40 PM
...but I must retreat, your piercing wit is killing me...
since carbon fiber doesn't hold up, your *logic* dictatesNo_sprint
Dec 6, 2002 10:55 AM
that Calfees, Parlees, Looks, C-40s, Times, Carve forks and rear stays, Ouzo Pros, Zipps, Top Carbons, and of course, that piece of junk that good rider (not yet the best of all time, we all know Indurain has 5 in a row), what's his name, Lance, that's it, rides, yeah that crappy Trek must really suck too.
re: Why Campy Sucks!syart
Dec 6, 2002 10:56 AM
you are right, shimano is much better. But the greatest tour rider of all time is Miguel I of Navarra (Miguel Indurain)
"If I wanted artsy stuff, I would go to a museum and buy it"bill
Dec 6, 2002 10:59 AM
I love that. Yes, that is exactly why I enjoy my Campy stuff so much. I could not have said it better myself.
Bless you.
Wow. Is it "Fun With Computers Day" at the Institute? (nm)Gregory Taylor
Dec 6, 2002 11:06 AM
You would go to a museum and buy it? Which one?djg
Dec 6, 2002 11:20 AM
Here in DC it's hard to beat the National Gallery, but I suspect that the federal government would not sell it. Of course the Phillips is nice, and it's private.

For artsy Italian stuff I'm partial to the Ufizi.
CrapFlood! -nmSnowBlind
Dec 6, 2002 11:46 AM
Anybody want to buy some artsy stuff that functions beautifully?koala
Dec 6, 2002 11:57 AM
Lance could have won with Daytona\Centaur. You couldnt no matter what you rode.
Anybody want to buy some artsy stuff that functions beautifully?waynebo
Dec 6, 2002 12:34 PM
D'oh! From the top rope--I love it! Let's see, using the logic of the original poster that must mean that Trek makes the best bikes too, cause that is what Lance rides. ShimaNO has won 4 tours, big deal. Dura Ace is good stuff, Record is better.
Geez Guys: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS !! ignore this idiot (nm)PaulCL
Dec 6, 2002 12:46 PM
Great way to sort the believable from the Bull$$$$GeoCyclist
Dec 6, 2002 5:52 PM
Thanks for being so forthcoming in sharing your ignorance! It makes it so much easier to sort the wheat from the chaff when assessing the replies to a serious posting.