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How do you record yearly miles?(10 posts)

How do you record yearly miles?manicoti
Dec 6, 2002 8:54 AM
Do you start after the race season when you start training for the next race season, or do you go by the 1st of the year? Why?
Both ways. But I'm a statistics nut. nmOldEdScott
Dec 6, 2002 8:55 AM
Start of new season (nm)PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Dec 6, 2002 8:57 AM
Add 20 percent and lie...cory
Dec 6, 2002 9:03 AM
First of the year to first of the year, actually. And I only lie early in the season, when my wife says, "Where have you BEEN for four hours?" It's better to say, "I did 75 miles in the hills" than "Well, I rode down to the coffee place and read the Sunday paper for an hour."
Why not from the end of the season? Probably goes back to when I was a non-racing runner, and just fell into the habit. I was a slave to the numbers in those days, recording distances to the tenth and times at least to the second. Now I'm more likely to jot down something like "32mi +/- @ 2 hrs."
re: How do you record yearly miles?DINOSAUR
Dec 6, 2002 9:10 AM
I reset my cyclocomputer Jan 1st. But I only keep track of my weekly miles May-Sep. After that I just go out and ride when I can and wander around with no set plan (it's more fun that way). At the end of the year (Dec 31st) I'll see how many miles I rode. I shoot for a miles goal and so far I'm way ahead of what I anticipated, mainly because of the lack of rain...
re: How do you record yearly miles?netso
Dec 6, 2002 9:32 AM
I start New Years. Then I take MB1's yearly mileage and divide it by 4 = my yearly mileage plus a fudge factor.
Good one ;-) . nm.MB1
Dec 6, 2002 3:07 PM
re: How do you record yearly miles?terry b
Dec 6, 2002 11:11 AM
13 - 4 week months. 2003 starts on 12/29/2002 and ends on 12/27/2003.

I use 4 week blocks because I like to compare riding periods against each other and against previous years. Not using actual months removes the extra weekend days from longer months and makes comparisons cleaner.
God, is it already time to calculate our yearly averages?timfire
Dec 6, 2002 6:27 PM
The year went by so fast.

January 1 to December 31...Juanmoretime
Dec 7, 2002 4:51 AM
I have an excel program I use to log each workout, running, cycling and weight training. I log miles and the stats off my computer and heartrate monitor. Keeping a daily, weekly, monthly and year to date total. I current have about 14 years of data.