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Cold feet!!(15 posts)

Cold feet!!Bill is in Denver
Dec 5, 2002 10:18 PM
So what say ye experts? Triflex socks or booties? Went riding in 30's yesterday and thought my toes were going to fall off.

re: Cold feet!!Rubiks_Manuever
Dec 6, 2002 12:48 AM
hey bill I dunno how to direct you to threads and so forth, but check out one of my recent queries and bigrider's advice--I'm riding regularly in sub-30's stuff here in Western NC and yes, the toes need some caretaking. Everything else is cool. I'll just paste my question and bigrider's response--his advice sounds good.

All I really need to know is how to keep ONE tiny little part of my body from becoming numb and aching and getting frostbite whilst riding in sub-30 degrees weather. Toesies. Everything else is cool. Torso, head, hands, fingers, knees, etc., all except toes after roundabout an hour start getting numb, even with best booties. What to do? Put a heat pack between booties and shoes? Help.
--Scott getting ready for Europe...

Place them on top of your shoes over where your toes meet your feet and place booties on top of that. These chemical throw away warmers are only 50 cents a pair at Walmart in the sporting goods section. wear wool or poly thin socks next to skin and one more thin pair of socks wool of synthetic. Too tight socks cut off circulation.
BothEager Beagle
Dec 6, 2002 1:43 AM
I use "treat for the feet" socks, with a gore-tex inner sock between them and the winter (i.e. slightly larger than summer) shoe - don't want poor circulation. If it's really cold, I put a neoprene boot on over the top.

If that doesn't keep your feet warm, then you are going to freeze you lungs and eyeballs anyway...
Defeet Woolie Boolies and neoprene booties NM12x23
Dec 6, 2002 3:37 AM
they make winter shoes ya know!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 6, 2002 4:49 AM
Northwave and sidi both make insulated winter road shoes. The northwave makes the husky and the sidi makes the freeze. They are both insulated and sealed for winter riding. Then you dont have to wear those dumb looking neoprene booties and triple up on your socks. I have the sidis and they are awesome.
they make winter shoes ya know!Bill is in Denver
Dec 6, 2002 6:54 AM
Awesome down to what temperature?

they make winter shoes ya know!pmf1
Dec 6, 2002 7:28 AM
Get a copy of Velonews (current edition with Mario on the front). Leonard Zinn reviews 4 winter mtn shoes. He strongly prefers one over the other three. They all cost around $200. Definately read it before you run out and buy.
Zinn Rates MTB shoesBigLeadOutGuy
Dec 6, 2002 9:15 AM
I read that article...good info but he only tests the MTB shoes, which is good....but they leave out the northwave huskies. If you dont mind wearing a mountain shoe I think he said one of the other shoes were the warmest...i forget which shoe....goto
The coldest ive used mine was around 25 feet got a little cold but i was only wearing a pair of cycling socks.
Zinn Rates MTB shoespmf1
Dec 6, 2002 9:31 AM
I have a pair of the Sidi Storm (mtn shoe) that I bought used. I just got them and it snowed yesterday so I have not tried them. Frankly, a pair of neoprene booties look warmer to me. I mostly got them for my 16 mile commute. I use mtn bike pedals on one of my road bikes. All I ever wear are cycling socks. Thick socks crammed in a shoe will give you cold feet fast.

I figure they'll do the trick for an hour. For longer rides, I bet the booties and some chemical warmers will be better.

Also, like all Sidi shoes, they run narrow. And they are even size 46 and I typically use a 45 in most shoes (44.5 in Carnac).
Zinn Rates MTB shoesBigLeadOutGuy
Dec 6, 2002 12:54 PM
chemical warmers will keep your feet warm no matter what kind of shoe your wearing =)
I dont like the booties cause they are a pain in the butt...first you put your shoes on...then you gotta pull on the booties, fit them so it doesnt interfere with your cleat, I just think they are a pain in the butt. Id rather not bother with them if i dont have to, ya know?
Ill experiment with the shoes and booties and the freeze...let ya know which is could always wear the winter shoe with the booties...I bet that would be the warmest...throw in some chemical warmers and youll prolly feel like your in the tropics =)
that might not be a bad idea when it gets down to 15 or 20 degrees.
I dont find that the sidis run narrow. I usually wear their mega sizes but the winter shoe only comes in their standard width, i bought the same size (48) that I wear in the megas and the toebox is a little narrower than the mega but still wider than most shoes ive worn and nothing that I would consider narrow at all.
Zinn Rates MTB shoespmf1
Dec 6, 2002 1:17 PM
Once I'm out in the cold for a while, my feet get cold irregardless of what I wear. An hour or two, no problem. A 100 mile ride, cold. Chemical warmers and booties work pretty well. Yeah, booties suck, but if you go for a long ride, the hassle is worth it.

I've used Time, Shimano, Carnac (current) Look and Sidi shoes. The Sidis (Genuis 2) were hands down the most narrow by a long shot. I gave them away after 3 months and bought the Carnacs. I'm on my third pair of Legends. I was a little disappointed that the Sidi Storm seems as narrow as a regular Sidi road shoe. I had hoped they would be wider to accomidate thick socks ... or my big feet.

If the toe box of a regular Sidi is wider than most shoes you've worn, I shudder to think what those shoes would do to my feet. What brands are they?
Zinn Rates MTB shoesBigLeadOutGuy
Dec 6, 2002 5:24 PM
yeah, after 4 hours your toes go numb no matter what...winter sucks.
ive tried every shoe under the, diadora, carnac, shimano, sidi, adidas.
I noticed that differnt model shoes from the same mfg vary greatly in the toebox...I dunno...Ive been happy with the genius 4 megas...they are definatly the best fitting shoe ive worn...shimanos are nice and wide too but their tounge are just too stiff and I dont really like the carbon strap things,they are too stiff too.
Give the sidis a whirl in the mega size...they might work out well.
they make winter shoes ya know!hawic
Dec 6, 2002 9:03 PM
I got my Lake mxz 300 shoes from Licktons a few weeks ago, very nice shoes. The people at Licktons advised me to buy them 1 size larger then my Sidi road shoes. Paid $150 for them, but I think they raised the price to 158.
more good adviceTig
Dec 6, 2002 8:41 AM
re: Cold feet!!nwehtje
Dec 21, 2002 9:32 PM
I know this is old, but try putting some tape over the air vents on your shoes, and double the socks. It really works well for me.