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Budget knee and thigh warmers, just in time for winter(2 posts)

Budget knee and thigh warmers, just in time for winterTig
Dec 5, 2002 5:24 PM
A few weeks ago I was riding with 2 buddies on a day that was borderline between knickers and shorts. I asked the friend who had just shorts if his legs were cold and he smiled and peeled back a leg gripper slightly. Hidden beneath was something so simple, I couldn't imagine why I hadn't heard of it before. He simply cut the sleeves off an old T-shirt and pulled them over his thighs, followed by shorts on top. I tried it the next week and it made a nice difference! Snug, but not restrictive.

I decided I needed to do the same for a pair of knickers for the cold, early part of a morning ride. I cut off the long sleeves from an old snow ski poly undershirt. They fit perfectly, covering just below the knee all the way up most of the thigh. They, like the short sleeves for shorts, stay in place and hidden under the knickers. They are easy to remove (off the bike of course) and fit easily in one jersey pocket.

Easy to use layering is a must for riding in changing weather. This idea falls in with some of our cheap budget bike accessories threads last year that I believe MB1 started.
Old wool socks work, too...cory
Dec 6, 2002 8:32 AM
I had a bunch of really thick, long wool socks left over from my crosscountry skiing days. Couple of years ago I cut the toes out of a pair and pulled them up over my arms as warmers. Work great--the only problem is that they're so bulky it's like carrying a long-sleeved jersey anyway.