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My new Orbea(5 posts)

My new Orbeasjomi
Dec 5, 2002 10:13 AM
Picked up my new Orbea Zonal last Wednesday, which just happened to be my birthday. I have put 200 miles on this past week and I for now I love it.
During the test rides the test bikes just talked to me right away, so I had them build up this one up.
I went with Campy Centaur, the Zeus all carbon fork, Velocity Aerohead wheels. Before pedals the bike weighed 17.9lbs. Even though I 130lbs and think at my weight I am entitled I didn't try to make this bike a superlight. I prefer durability of weight.

This is my first campy bike and I think I am a convert. I prefer the shifters over the Ultegra on my C-dale. The shaped thinner aluminum tubes are comparatively stiff as my CAAD5, but they don't resonate as much which translates to a smoother ride.

So far I am pleased, but in a few months I'm sure I will have upgrade fever.
re: Nice ride! -nmcydswipe
Dec 5, 2002 10:30 AM
re: My new Orbeaaliensporebomb
Dec 5, 2002 1:12 PM
I like it. A lot - the color scheme is way cool.

Have fun with your new ride. Riding that you'll get a lot
of double-takes out on the road. You don't see too many
of them around.
sweet ride! love the blue highlights! <nm>Smoothie
Dec 5, 2002 5:44 PM
re: My new Orbeahulksmash
Dec 6, 2002 7:17 AM
If you don't mind my asking, how mucch for the new steed? I was looking at a similar setup, with the exception of the fork and wheels. Thanks!