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mixing bb w/ cranks...options lenght/taper? track chainline(3 posts)

mixing bb w/ cranks...options lenght/taper? track chainlineishmael
Dec 4, 2002 11:11 AM
how bad is it to put cranks on a bb that isnt intended for getting cranks (TA track) that are supposed to go on a 103mm spindle with an ISO taper length but it seems the TA recommended bb needs special tools and costs a lot..there are other 103mm ones out there but that short length is pretty rare, I'd rather got something else...also, can you simplify a method for getting an accurate chainline for a single speed or track I need to put it all together first and see or can it be figured out, or is it even worth thinking about? my last track bike was loud for some reason, maybe it was bad chainline or mixing 1/8 chain with the ?/32,...what do I need to know to get things working as well as possible..
Campy makes 102mm tapercyclopathic
Dec 4, 2002 7:28 PM
Shim makes UN72 in 107, would probably work too. I've played with 110/113mm (47.5mm vs 50mm chainline) and the major trouble was to get FD shift not that it didn't work.

TA gets 45.5mm chainline on symmetrical 103mm BB. Assuming that Campy 102mm and UN-72 107 are symmetrical, chainline would be off .5mm on Campy and 2mm on UN-72. Not a big deal since no FD. Try it UN-72 is only 16.50 at not a big loss, or better call Shim/Campy cust support good luck
I'm not going to mess with this at allishmael
Dec 4, 2002 8:21 PM
I'm getting the miche cranks and bb instead..otherwise its likely that I'd have to put spacers beside the back cog to get a good chainline(so I was told)...TAs are too hard to get a good chainline with.