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old track wheels(3 posts)

old track wheelssynapselapse
Dec 4, 2002 7:11 AM
I have some old track wheels (old style high-flange Campy track hubs with Fiamme track rims) that came with a track bike that I bought last fall. I recently glued some tires (Conti sprinters) on to them. Here is the problem:

I put the front wheel on the fork, but when inflating the tire, after about 60psi the tire touches the underside of the crown of the fork (i.e. there is not enough clearance). Obviously this is unacceptable. The question is whether the fork was built with tolerances that are just too tight for this wheel/tire combo, or is it possible that the wheels are 27 inch and they just won't work? If the wheels were 27 inch, is it possible that this could happen, or is this entirely wrong. A regular road clincher wheel/tire seems to work just fine, and has plenty of clearance to be usable.

I am considering either replacing the fork, and/or having the wheels rebuilt.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated.
re: old track wheelsbrider
Dec 4, 2002 8:21 AM
I can't imagine that the wheels are 27". I would think that the tire wouldn't even mount onto the rim if that were the case. Most track forks don't have much in the way of clearance between the tire and crown. It may be that you need to use a very narrow tire. Odd that your road wheel works (how much clearance with that wheel?).
It's not the bike or the wheelsSherpa23
Dec 4, 2002 8:45 AM
Many track bikes with steel forks have very tight tolerances. Many new track bikes use road forks with plenty of clearance but dedicated track forks usually will not take a Sprinter 250. You will have to find a narrower tire for the front. Don't change the wheel, don't change the fork. Change the tire. Of course the clinchers are going to fit. a 22mm tubular and 23 mm clincher are entirely different. You can probably even get a 25mm clincher in there.