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Bike build projects for anyone who cares! (Eager Beagle?)(2 posts)

Bike build projects for anyone who cares! (Eager Beagle?)StevieP
Dec 4, 2002 7:01 AM
I have a Colnago Superissimo from 1997 with Ultegra. I have stripped the groupset and I will have it resprayed to look like the 1982 Superissimo from the site below

The Ultegra is still in pretty good condition so I decided to shop around for a decent but cheap steel frame so I can put the Ultegra on it use it as a mudguardless winter bike.

I managed to find a Cougar 531 frame & forks (see pic)for £159 and I will be building it up with ITM Mantis bar, stem & post and a Flite Ti saddle. These frames are manufactured by Paul Donohue who is a well respected frame builder here in the Uk.

Cougar frames were originally built by Dave Lloyd, Steve Webster & Dave Rimmer until they went bust. The company was then bought by Paul Donohue. Cougar cycles were ridden by the likes of Chris Boardman, Malcolm Elliot, Joey McLoughlin and now Mark Lovatt, John Tanner,Rodger Hammond and Matt Brammier.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my news! If you are in the market for a cheap steel winter frame I dont think you could go far wrong with this (no I am not connected to the company!).

Sorry if this was no interest to you.
Nice going..Eager Beagle
Dec 4, 2002 8:14 AM
Did you get one from Donnahue in the end?

I like those frames, and sounds like they have a good pedigree. Trouble is, I am a tad bike heavy now, and have a steel CX single speed that I commute on. Although of course you and I can see the benefits of a range of geared and non-geared steel bikes, my wife does not share the passion.

What does the finish look like on the cougar? (oh dear - slippery slope).

Be sure to post the finished product.