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Do the Giant Composite fram make up for the weight gain?(4 posts)

Do the Giant Composite fram make up for the weight gain?Peter E
Dec 4, 2002 1:45 AM
I have looked at some bikes and are thinking about Giant TCR alu with Dura-ace and Ritchey WCS wheels or Giant Composite with ultegra and Ritchey Pro wheels.
I have a good deal on both of them but the TCR composite with ultegra actually gets a bit heavier than the TCR alu with DA.

If i change to Ritchey WCS wheels on both of them the difference is around 150 gram extra on the composite/ultegra setup. (100 gram more difference with Ritchey Pro on the ultegra setup)
Does the composite frame make up for the difference? is it worth it to go for composite anyway?

I should probaly say that i'm a racer but i like longer road races alot more than crit's, even if i race both and are trying to get better in crit's, especially since most of the competitions in Sweden are crit's
re: Do the Giant Composite fram make up for the weight gain?kinger
Dec 4, 2002 5:38 AM
The difference in weight you're seeing is most likey from the components. I believe the composite frame is actually a tad lighter than the aluminum. I was in a similar position as you about 2 months ago. I went with the composite/ultegra bike and have no regrets. It's an absolutely wonderful bike for longer rides yet is still super stiff and responsive when you need it. I'm actually slowly replacing the Ultegra parts with Dura-Ace and using the Ultegra stuff to build-out an older TCR for crits and rainy weather riding.
re: Do the Giant Composite fram make up for the weight gain?fbg111
Dec 4, 2002 9:20 AM
2003 Giant lit says the TCR Composite frame is 2.1 lbs, and the TCR alu frame is 2.3 lbs. The 02 TCR 2 alu frame is 2.2 lbs though, b/c it uses slightly smaller, round (as opposed to teardrop) down and seat tubes.

If you like longer rides, go with the Composite. I have the 02 TCR2 alu, and road vibrations and jolts are sharper than on the carbon frame (which I've test ridden a few times).

Here's another recent thread asking a very similar question to yours:
TCR frame actual weights on certified scalewettap
Dec 4, 2002 10:02 AM
2002 TCR ONCE Team (anodized alum) Medium.=1058 g
2002 TCR 0 (non anodized alum) Medium= 1106 g
2003 TCR Composite medium= 960 grams