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Need Advice on Fluid vs Mag Trainer(3 posts)

Need Advice on Fluid vs Mag Trainerastrobiker
Dec 3, 2002 7:10 PM
Just been road biking for a year, and want to keep in shape/improve over the winter. I have been looking at trainers and trying to understand whether I should get a fluid or mag trainer. Noise is no issue (will be using it early in the morning in the spare bedroom), and neither is tire/wheel wear (I will be using my 30 year old Schwinn in the trainer). My main requirement (I think!) is that I want to be able to do various profiles/intervals to work on strength as well as cardio like I have done a little on spinning bikes at the fitness club(just tooooo expensive).

I think I have determined that these factors mean that I should get a mag trainer with a remote tension controller for the handlebars. Seems like the fluid trainer would be hard to work on strength training.

Any advice/comments/or recommendations on the best trainer to buy?
TacxEager Beagle
Dec 4, 2002 3:48 AM
I have one of their basic rear wheel mag models - blue, with a remote adjuster you clip on the bars for resistance adjustment.

Been working perfectly for about 7 years - solid and reliable - why pay more?
Tacx for me too.StevieP
Dec 4, 2002 7:48 AM
I went for the T1460 swing which is magnetic (so quieter)
and has the same cable resistance adjustment as described by EB avove. I am not sure of the exact difference between mine and the blue one (T1420 cycleforce?) but the Swing is designed more for those who want to work on power (apparantly!).

You say that noise is not an issue. Fan trainers are very noisy and will be heard throughout the house and by your neighbours! Mag trainers like the Swing are much quieter but some say the feel is not the same.