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Another speedplay question.(2 posts)

Another speedplay question.ol
Dec 3, 2002 4:35 PM
I am using at the moment speedplay zero pedals and I have noticed some lateral up and dowm movement in the cleat when it's engaged to the pedal . Is this a normal feature in the set up?
I don't have Zeros, but...bobwill
Dec 4, 2002 12:52 PM
I have a set of Frogs(completely different mechanism) on my mountain bike, and X2s on my Road bike.
I would have to say that the up and down movement and lateral movement should not be their. You should be able to pivot on the pedal but you shouldn't be able to pull your foot up at all without bringing the pedal with it.
That sounds somewhat similar to what happens when my cleats for my frogs wore out. Are they brand new, or have you just started noticing this? You might have the cleat overtightened on you shoe, or may need to install another shim and that could be causing a rather bad seal between the cleat and pedal.
Stand your bike up, and snap one of the shoes onto the pedal (while you're not wearing it) and play with it for a while and see if you can notice what might be causing it. You might want to take your shoes in to a bikeshop and have them adjust your cleats if you can't figure it out. Oh, one more thing, have you been waxing/lubing your cleat springs?