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Does anyone ride on Campy Record pedals? How are they?(7 posts)

Does anyone ride on Campy Record pedals? How are they?Morgan
Dec 3, 2002 1:29 PM
I am seriously considering Campy record pedals? But have read that they are hard to click into. I am currently riding on Looks and before that had SpeedPlays, and before that had SPD's. My mountain bike has Eggbeaters which I love and also considering for the road bike? SO, In other words I am still search for the ultimate pedal. I wear size 45 Carnacs if that makes any difference. Looking for valuable input from you guys.

re: Does anyone ride on Campy Record pedals? How are they?grzy
Dec 3, 2002 1:58 PM
They're a little trickier to click into, but not any worse than Looks in my opinion. Still, nothing quite like a set of Eggbeaters, or the ease of having a double sides system like the Speedplay. What I like is the really nice release of the Campy Profits and yet the very secure locked in feeling (talking the floating cleat here). Finding replacement cleats can be a problem so I usually order two sets at a time so I always have a spare set. I get decent wear out of them, but when they go they're gone.

I guess the big question is what are *you* looking for in a pedal system and what has been your objections to the ones you've tried? I think that at the end of the day most roadie systems are a tradeoff and it really comes down to your priorities. I think they all have significant positives and negatives.

Currently I'm pretty jazzed on the Eggbeaters for all conditions hard core XC riding - light, clog-proof, low profile, simple, and cheap - what more could you ask for?
It may be a distinction without a difference but ...McAndrus
Dec 3, 2002 2:19 PM
... Campy pedals are very easy to click into. The problem is the weighted back-end pulls them down immediately after clicking-out and getting the pedal surface back into position can be tricky.

It's the same problem you'd have with a Look pedal: having to kick the pedal over a smidge to get the surface at correct angle. With Campy's the pedals are lighter, the kick required is lighter, and the tendency is to kick them a little to hard and spin them. It's an experience thing.

I rode Campy ProFits for two years and liked them a lot. I'm on Speedplays now because of a problem with my left knee. Campy's actually feel remarkably like Speedplays except for the Campy's restricted float.

As I said, I'd still be using them except for the knee and the Speedplays did resolve my knee problem. The Campy's were light, comfortable, and secure while at the same time being easy to disengage.
re: Does anyone ride on Campy Record pedals? How are they?mapei boy
Dec 3, 2002 3:14 PM
I have Campy Chorus Pedals on my road bike, and Eggbeaters on my mountain bike. I have Carnac shoes for the road, and Sidi's for the mountain. When it comes to comfort and ease of entry & exit, I find the Campy Pedals to be almost exactly on par with the Looks they replaced. The bearing seems a little bit better than the Looks, though, and they are superior when it comes to the problem of unexpected releases. My Campy pedals have yet to let go of my shoe without me wanting them to...something the Looks used to do to me regularly.

As for the Eggbeaters, as much as I love them for the mountain bike, when I tried them on the road bike I was pretty disappointed. Compared to the road pedals, they're tippy and insecure. There is a decided hot spot where the cleat meets the pedal. It's too bad, too. What a concept! Having all the comfort and security of a road pedal, and actually being able to get off the bike and walk around!

In short, maybe the Eggbeaters might work for you, but if you've got sensitive feet like I do, go with the Campagnolos.
Yep, Thanks everyone, but where do you buy cleats from?Morgan
Dec 3, 2002 3:43 PM
Yeah, my feet are sensitive, thats the reason I gave up on the speedplays. Hot spot city. Looking for something lighter than LOOKS but just as comfortable or more so.

But where is the great deal on replacement campy cleats?
You don't need that good a deal on cleatsKerry
Dec 3, 2002 4:39 PM
You can get the Campy cleats for about $13 (Excel) while SPD-R go for $25. The advantage to Campy is that you only have to replace the plastic part, not the whole thing. If you use cleat covers when off the bike and don't do things like drag your loose foot while stopping or doing the "scooter push off", Campy cleats will last you a couple of seasons anyway.
re: Does anyone ride on Campy Record pedals? How are they?desmo
Dec 3, 2002 10:49 PM
Nice pedal. Not hard to clip-in. I've used the Chorus model for 2 years and sprinted on them a lot. Never had a pull out, and still have the tension adjustment only about half way. Cleats do wear out fast, regardless of how careful you are not to walk in them. I saw Gealink is selling cleats on ebay for $12.95 (about the going rate). If you're not worried about weight, has the Daytona branded Centaur Pro-Fits for $79.