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MS Streets & Trips Software(4 posts)

MS Streets & Trips SoftwarePsalm 147-10_11
Dec 3, 2002 11:31 AM
Anybody using this software to plan out rides and print maps? If so, is there an easy way to input the data off a cue sheet and print out small maps similar to AAA's trip tiks. A few buddies and I are planning a ride across Massachusetts this summer and we would like to be able to give participants something thats easier to follow than a cue sheet alone as the ride will not be arrowed.

re: MS Streets & Trips Softwaremhinman
Dec 3, 2002 1:16 PM
There is a preference for road types, select all road types as dislike except arterial roads, and set this all the way over to "like". This should keep you mostly off the interstates and highways. Double clicking on the route, and then dragging allow you to easily set new waypoint, to get around undesirable road that it may have selected. Also if you set your average speed for the various type of road, to 15-20 miles per hour, the times that it will give you will be fairly accurate. Good luck.
Use it all the timeScot_Gore
Dec 3, 2002 2:45 PM
There's an import feature but I've never used it or investigated it's use.

I concur with the previous advice.

Set your start and end point. Set your road preferences to LIKE 2ndary arterial and DISLIKE everything else. Click "Get Directions". Once the green route line shows click on it (it turns blue) and drag it to additional waypoints to conform to your choosen route.

The AAA trip tik effect is a print option. It's easy to use. Choose print, then the strip map option, then play with the detail setting in strip maps until you've got the view to the degree of detail you want.


Thanks for the tips. I think I'll buy it and use your advise(nm)Psalm 147-10_11
Dec 4, 2002 6:33 AM