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Looking for Miami, Fl Info(3 posts)

Looking for Miami, Fl Infomiguel33
Dec 3, 2002 7:24 AM
If anyone could recommend a good bike shop in Miami (I will be in the Coconut Grove area) I would appreciate it. I need someone to install a new headset and will be new to the area, and I'd rather not trust anyone that calls him/herself a bike mechanic with my expensive frame and new (chris king!) headset.

Also, if anyone knows about riding groups, I would be glad to have riding partners when I get down there (two weeks or so...)

re: Looking for Miami, Fl InfoSmoothie
Dec 3, 2002 12:03 PM
welcome to miami! Can't recommand any shops that far south (i live way up north), but there are a bunch. Try meeting up with some group rides and get a feel for the shops. I would say stay away from Biketech though.

Here are some rides, but it's pretty easy to join up with people. There is a shop in the grove that you can go into and ask for some ride options. I know there is a TON of rides on the weekends in the key and further south.

If you want a very short (20 miles or less) fast ride try hooking up with the pinecrest to key biscayne ride. They start at 7:30am (unless it's changed) at Pinecrest school and rides hard to key biscayne. From there people usually do another lap to increase mileage. It's an okay ride, too short for me and pretty much geared towards sprinters.

Key biscayne on the weekends is great - tons of riders doing laps there. A full loop is close to 9 miles. Pretty much starting from 7am to 11am there are plently of riders there. As you get to know the area you can include a trip into coconut grove downtown and back into the key biscayne ride. Our sat ride usually logs around 45 miles with two full loops and a coconut grove downtown out and back. Not much in the way of posted rides for the key, it's pretty much come and ride type of deal.

The other rides I know are mostly up north so I'll include a few just in case your interested.

Aventura mall to key biscayne - fast competive group ride from aventura mall parking lot (by turnberry entrance) to the key and than back with a short water break at the key. About 50 miles and good hard pace. Sunday - starts at 7:30am

Nightly aventura loop rides - 6:30pm (no rain) tues - fri around the "circle" Small group size - good pace line, good speed. Park at aventura mall near turnberry entrance (close to the multi-level parking garage) If in doubt follow the runners/walkers. Ride is on the road, not the running path.
re: Looking for Miami, Fl Inforoadcyclist
Dec 3, 2002 2:41 PM
Go to
I've never had the pleasure of doing business with them but I hear nothing but good things. For more listings, go to Go to the bike shop page and search using "Miami". Then call around. OR contact the local racing clubs (via and ask them. OR have it installed before you come down by someone you trust in your local area