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Schwinn Fastback size questions???(6 posts)

Schwinn Fastback size questions???FreakRider
Dec 2, 2002 1:12 PM
I'm looking to get my first road bike and I can get a great deal on a frame and build it up from there. Question is, L or XL? I am 6'1" and I have a 34" inseam. I can't do the super stretched out thing that racers do. That doesn't agree with the underside. I just want a training bike for fitness and some speed. Since the TT changes with a longer post would I be fine with a large? Thanks in advance for all the help.
you'll be lucky if the XL fits youColnagoFE
Dec 2, 2002 1:25 PM
I'm guessing with a 34" inseam it's be close. Realize that headsets for this bike might be hard to come by in the future since Schwinn went bankrupt and Pacific appears to be no longer making road bikes.
Schwinn's site has 2003's upFreakRider
Dec 2, 2002 3:53 PM
I think, there are new Fastbacks that weren't up a month ago. I may be wrong. Cane Creek says they make headsets for the frame. Shouldn't be a problem.
You're on the cuspStarliner
Dec 2, 2002 1:45 PM
With the L frame, your issue will be seat-height-to-handlebar-height relationship. If you like the bars near seat level, then you'll have to do one or a combination of the following...

- cut your fork steerer tube so there will be a generous length of steerer showing above the headtube
- get a -17 stem and flip it so that it raises the bars (a dorky-ugly choice, IMO)
- get an adjustable Look Ergo stem which will give you a range of positioning options for the bars (a heavier solution)

With the XL frame, your issue will be reach, which you can address by choosing an appropriate length of stem.

If I was going to use the frame as a racing platform, then I'd go with the L (I'm 6'1"+) because I'd expect it to be a bit quicker and stiffer. If its purpose was just for pleasure riding, training, long hauls; then I'd lean toward the XL.
You could probably manage the L...therepublican
Dec 2, 2002 5:24 PM
I'm also 6'1" with a 34" inseam. Over the summer I chose a 2001 Fastback Comp XL as my first road bike. The top tube was a bit long for me with the 135mm stem they spec'd it with, but I got a good fit by trading down to a 110mm stem, so you might prefer the Large if you want a shorter TT.
some more infoFreakRider
Dec 2, 2002 11:05 PM
I have ridden a standard frame with a 58cm TT and it seemed all right. As I said, I can't do the super hunched over thing, and a lot of post doesn't bother me.

The seat doesn't have to be even with the bars, they aren't on my MTB. I'm not worried it it looks funky to the racers, I won't be racing.

When I say I need a bike to train on, I mean a good, hard 60-90 minutes a few days a week. Not 6 hour rides five days a week. I just want some fitness and variety. I am a die hard fat tire rider, I love the dirt.

I'm just worried that the 59.5cm TT on the XL is too long, especially if I have to run a bit of post since it's a compact frame. Thanks again.