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What's an old Batavus worth?(5 posts)

What's an old Batavus worth?roadcyclist
Nov 30, 2002 3:36 PM
A friend of a friend (I spoke to him briefly on the phone) has - Batavus road bike, frame is Reynolds?, components are Campy (probably Nuovo Record), tubular? rims, 5 speed freewheel, ?tires. I know we really need more information but I thought I'd get a starting point on the price. He says it's in good to very good condition. I should have more detailed info in a day or two. Thanks
re: What's an old Batavus worth?Chainstay
Nov 30, 2002 7:10 PM
I don't think that there would be many collectors. My guess from watching vintage stuff on ebay is that if it is nice (ie Reynolds 531, nice lugs, campy NR, original paint and decals in good shape, little or no rust) then you should get in the $500.00 range.
$500 sounds highKerry
Dec 1, 2002 4:57 PM
Unless this bike is in mint condition. Batavus never had the cache' of many other bikes (though it was ridden by many champions) so that factor is minimized. Try selling a mid-80s Italian Campy Super Record (or later C-Record) bike with some miles on it, and you'll be lucky to get $300.
Sounds about rightWalter
Nov 30, 2002 8:41 PM
With the 5 speed it's a 1970s or earlier bike if it's higher end Campy. Some of the old Italian iron draws big money, Masi, Cinelli, DeRosa, select Bianchis but I don't think Batavus is in quite that league. However, any N Record bike, if that's what your friend's got, will draw some interest.

Is it enough to get rid of an old friend with miles of smiles? I'd say no. Is it worth it to get rid of garage clutter? Yes.
THANK YOU! nmroadcyclist
Dec 1, 2002 1:38 AM