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Who was asking about winter gloves?(4 posts)

Who was asking about winter gloves?Humma Hah
Nov 30, 2002 10:29 AM
I just got back from Sunny's Surplus, where I picked up a pair of gloves like I used to use 3 decades ago.

These were originally "flight gloves", black leather glove shells with separate green wool glove liners. I never really liked the scratchy wool liners, but instead got polyester wool knitted gloves. The ones I got today, I found some very warm and water-resistant polyproplyene liners. Bought sufficiently large, and after a short break-in, they're about the least-restrictive insulated glove I've ever worn. Treated with mink oil dressing, the liners are fairly waterproof.

What I liked about these as riding gloves was that I could carry an extra set of liners. Your hands will get sweaty riding in any type of insulated glove, and its nice to be able to switch to a dry pair. The whole system also dries out much faster between rides. When the liner wears out -- trash it -- they're cheap and readily available.

If you need to handle a tool or lock, or reach into a pocket for keys, just pull off the outer shell and wear only the liner.

The strap on the back of the wrist can be wrapped with a hanky or absorbent rag to give your nose the occasional wipe.

The only downside is a seam at the base of the middle two fingers. Its a bit of a lump, and can be uncomfortable in some riding positions.

I've been using Thinsulate-insulated heavy ski gloves, but they're entirely overkill until the temps start dipping into the low 20's.
re: ditto on the winter glovesbigrider
Nov 30, 2002 4:04 PM
I have been using the olive drab wool liners for winter weather riding for several years. If they itch you or you get cold just put a pair of poly glove liners on underneath. The beauty of this system is they let some wind through and wick moisture away from your hands leaving them feeling good not like they are dipped in water which is the case on neoprene and other windproof gloves.
Need more protection from the cold???coonass
Dec 1, 2002 6:46 AM

Serratus Cycling Pogies
Protect your hands from extremely cold weather with these nifty pogies that will fit over your gloves, as well as your bike's shifters, brake levers, and handlebars.
$38.00 Canadian

Made in Canada
Was I, the Lone GunmanLone Gunman
Dec 1, 2002 1:20 PM
I was riding with wspokes about a month ago in his neck of the woods, it was cool to cold, 40ish with no sun, so it felt cold all day (4 hour ride). I was wearing a pair of Campmor Thermax knit gloves. They were not quite enough, but I'll bet if I had worn a silk balaclava they would have been okay. However, I think I may have reached the lowest comfortable temp with those gloves, so I am looking around for an actual winter cycling glove that is not PI. Nashbar seems to have what I want, wind and water resistant, some insulation, leather palms with light padding @$25.