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egg beater pedals on the road bike(10 posts)

egg beater pedals on the road bikeishmael
Nov 29, 2002 7:57 AM
I was going to get another pair of speedplay for my single speed but the eggbeaters design and price is great. Any experience with them? how close to the pedal axle can you get in comparison to speedplay? is the float smooth, how do they perform while riding in comparison?
re: egg beater pedals on the road bikeSmoothie
Nov 29, 2002 8:22 AM
I ride speedplays on my road bike and eggs on my mtn bike.

The eggbeaters are great pedals - 4 sided, smooth clipin/out, and sheds mud very well. I haven't tried them out on a road bike yet but I think they would work out pretty well. The float is nothing like the speedplays though - the eggs are smooth but they don't have anywhere near as much as the speedplays do. I think the eggs have 6 degrees which is plently for a mtn bike (at least for me)

Crank brothers is also working on a road bike version - same pedal - different cleats. From the crank brother's site:
"the road bike version is the same pedal as the mountain version except for the cleats. the road cleats have rubber "pontoons" on each side to make walking on a road shoe easier, clipping in easier, and more stable. the rubber pads are also replaceable if they wear out (and the cleats come with an extra set, too). msrp is $25. the road cleats will be available in april, 2002. for now, they will only be available as a separate item (they won't be packaged with the pedals)"

Check out Look cycle as well. They make the "4x4" pedal which is the eggbeater design. I think they cost a bit less than the Crank Bros one and they are only 10 grams heavier. They are designed as for "road bikes" so I guess they use the same cleat design from above.

Also Crank bros is working on a full Ti version which looks very light - but rumor is they will run with a $400 retail price tag! Ouch!
re: egg beater pedals on the road bikeFez
Nov 29, 2002 9:32 AM
Depends on what you're comparing them to. If you are comparing them to Time, then you will find that they release way too easy and the platform is way to small and may bother you if your shoe sole is not very stiff.

But for mtn bike use they are pretty good. For easy rides on the road bike they are also good. The price is cheap, and they are lightweight and have easy entry. I feel that it is way TOO EASY to click out, even with the cleats positioned in the 20 degree release mode. Hasn't happened to me yet, but I tend not to do mad sprints or climbs for fear they may release on me if my leg happens to be near the release angle.
I just got a pair.dzrider
Nov 29, 2002 9:41 AM
Sierra Trading Post had them for $59.99 + s&h, so I couldn't resist. I've only used them for one ride (25 miles or so) and they are already pretty easy getting in and very easy getting out. I'm pretty sure that they will ultimately be very easy getting in when I learn that the front of the cleat sits further back than I'm used to. The float feels a little more restrictive than the Looks with worn red cleats that they replaced. I did feel a difference in lightness which may be less significant compared to Speedplay.

My understanding is that the Look version is the same pedal with better bearings and that the Ti version is lighter for more money. They certainly appear to be simple enough and made well enough to be durable and servicable, and I hope that they are quieter than the Looks which start making obnoxious noises if I don't pay attention to waxing the cleats.
I ride BMX platforms singlespeed ...Humma Hah
Nov 29, 2002 11:07 AM
... and adore 'em. Ride in any shoes you like, change position on the pedals for climbing, and walk like a person when you get off the bike.

I can do anything but lift up on the pedals, something I think most riders claim as an advantage of clipless but don't actually do. I pedal nice, smooth semicircles -- the modern pedals (unlike old rat-traps) don't let your feet go sliding off. They're efficient enough to have let me ride 152 miles in a day.
youre so...retroishmael
Nov 29, 2002 12:42 PM
come on!..if youre not going to keep up with technological advancements what's the what do you spend your money on..I'm putting these on the single speed thats on its way from England(i'll reveal the amazing deal after it arrives, dont want them thinking about anything else other than my order)..actually I've decided on speedplay after weinweg clued me in on a 135 for the pair deal...Espescially on a single speed you need clipless, do you have hills around you?....are you a gluton for punishment in other aspects of your life?...or are you just an old school grouch shrugging anything in the last 20 years?..what car do you drive?...what do you eat for breakfast?
Ask and ye shall receive ...Humma Hah
Nov 29, 2002 1:53 PM
Singlespeeds don't NEED clipless ... fixies need either clipless or toe clips unless the rider enjoys having his legs eaten by out-of-control pedals.

I don't have many hills at present, did in San Diego. The cruiser technically does not fit me correctly ... I climb hills on the balls of my feet but must ride on my arches while seated, and if I tried to ride with clipless pedals the restriction in position would render the bike unridable.

Yes, I am a retro grouch. If I could lay hands on a 1900-vintage bicycle I'd ride it proudly. A Wright Van Cleve would be my first choice, although I'd probably have to fight a dozen museums to get it. I think gears are a new-fangled gimmick for girly-men. I love steel bikes, and the only composite wheels I have any use for are those with wooden rims. 20 years? Heck, 31 years ago I opted for 20-year-old technology over a modern bike.

My favorite car is our 1985.5 Plymouth Reliant, the finest automobile ever built.

I eat oatmeal with peanut butter in it for breakfast, except when planning a long ride in which case I eat grits.
oatmeal and peanut butter..hum..nutritious at leastishmael
Nov 29, 2002 10:10 PM
I dont know bout your point of view of old stuff, I just find singlespeeds and fixed gears more fun...I'm getting an 853 steel with open pros and that stem by cinelli with the ladies on the front(sure to be a collectable one day)..
Leanin' that way myselfmr tornado head
Dec 1, 2002 9:07 AM
Been riding Looks for a few years and the more riding I do I'm going to put the clips and straps on my next bike. And the mtb, is going to get BMX-styles like Humma Hah's.

The thing is I'm not a racer. I'm a road (and sometimes dirt) rider. I like to go fast, I like to go long, but I've been starting to realize clipless really isn't much of an advantage to me, and walking around at the lunch/coffehouse stops can be a disaster (tho the Kool Kovers are about the best things if you like the Look-styles for walking around).

Hey, look at BMX racers. They jump, go fast and go all over dirt trails with the oowest tech bikes out there - single speed, no suspension, and least of all, platform pedals for the most part. I'm with Humma Hah on this.

(Whoah, sorry, didn't mean to drift off topic. Call the RBR squad.)
I just bring some slippersishmael
Dec 1, 2002 3:34 PM
mostly when I ride its just in a big circle for fun..but if I'm actually going somewhere slippers or flip flops fit in a jersey pocket or in the back of my pants.