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Tacx Grand Excel vs 1Up vs Kurt Kinetic...(1 post)

Tacx Grand Excel vs 1Up vs Kurt Kinetic...SS_MB-7
Nov 28, 2002 5:12 AM
I know this is an apples (Tacx Grand Excel) to oranges (1Up and Kurt) comparison in terms of functionality, etc., but I race for a LBS that can get Tacx, so I could get the G.E. at cost. Whereas, the Kurt and 1Up would need to be ordered directly. As such, the prices would be comparable for each unit once brokerage fees, etc. were included with the Kurt and 1Up.

A couple weeks ago when I started researching trainers, I was all set to order the CycleOps Fluid2 to replace my 6-yr old Minoura Mag trainer that is on it's last legs (clunking sound) and is very, very noisy. But, then I read the reviews on RBR and MTBR and several owners complained about fluid leaks. As such, my focus was directed to the Kurt Kinetic since it offered similar features to the CycleOps Fluid2, but due its design, wouldn't leak. All the reviews seem favourable for the Kurt. I sent several emails to Kurt all of which were quickly and thoroughly replied to. Only problem, my LBS can't get Kurt, so I'd need to buy-direct.

In speaking with my LBS, they said they could get Minoura and Tacx, but not Kurt. A teammate recently bought the Tacx I Magic from them. So, I started looking at the Tacx trainers: Cycleforce Swing and Grand Excel. I was all set to order the Tacx G.E. because of it's features (data logging, course selection, etc.) but then I was speaking with my teammate yesterday (who just bought the Tacx I Magic) and he is having a nightmare with it....missing parts, bent parts, misaligned parts, erratic power output, terrible customer service, etc. Also, there is 1 review on the G.E. on RBR (in the Excel section), and 4 reviews on the G.E. (in the Excel section) on and very, very few reviews on Tacx trainers in general. The lack of reviews in combination of my friends experience with his 2-wk old Tacx I Magic has got me wondering..should I just buy the basic Tacx Cycleforce Swing or the Kurt Kinetic (road version).

Then, yesterday, I noticed the fantastic reviews at RBR and MTBR on the 1Up. Wow! Apples-to-apples, I'd take the 1Up over the Kurt since they are both similar units. However, when you throw-in the Tacx G.E. that I can get for the same price as the 1Up, it makes things more difficult. What would you do?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.