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MSR Retail prices and NYC bike shops(4 posts)

MSR Retail prices and NYC bike shopstrout_bum
Nov 27, 2002 3:09 PM
I want to buy a Bianchi Pista in NYC. I went to 3 different shops and all 3 quoted me a price of $599.00 this is $50.00 over the MSR price on Bianchi's web site. Is this just another BS thing you have to deal with in NYC? Also some of the shops were selling 2002 and 2001models at this price. I know I shouldn't squabble over $50.00, but that covers the cost of sales tax or putting on a front brake for road riding. I went into one shop around the corner from me (I won't mention their name but they have a rep for being snobby) they had a 2001 model. I asked 2 things "How Much is it?" and "What Size is it?" the saleman actually said "You sure ask a lot of questions" half jokingly but not really.
re: MSR Retail prices and NYC bike shopsfeathers mcgraw
Nov 27, 2002 9:15 PM
You might want to call Sheldon Brown at Harris Cyclery. They carry the Pista and they frequently have deals. As a fellow New Yorker, I say if a shop is snotty to you don't give them your business.
C'mon, what fun is it if you don't name namesUprwstsdr
Nov 28, 2002 6:46 AM
One common denominator for all us NYC cyclists, besides thousands of laps around Central Park, is dealing with the cities LBS's, all of which are notoriously snobby and overpriced. Who gave you the attitude this time.
Follow Up: Cycles Plus, Huntington, NY Rockstrout_bum
Nov 29, 2002 7:41 PM
Just wanted to post a plug for Cycles Plus in Huntington, NY on Long Island. Dana who works there is a nice guy. I pretty much knew what bike and size I wanted, but he still asked me about my current set up stem size etc.and knew the specs and setup of what I wanted. Price was significantly cheaper than NYC shops for a 2003 model. They've got my business! I'll gladly take an hour train ride for this kind of customer service. Their website is