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Colnago Restoration Project(2 posts)

Colnago Restoration ProjectParticleMan
Nov 27, 2002 7:12 AM
Hi All

I know this may be out of topic here...but once in a while, I guess we all like to share our love of the bike with anyone.

Just wanna report about my restoration project. Its a Colnago New Mexico, which I bought in 1989, after working and saving up for it after school. My first real great bike. Rode and raced on it a few years, even at the first Tour of Vietnam. Later moved onto a Lemond TSX, and now a Prince. The Colnago has been stripped of parts, and was in lousy paint condition.
Got a guy here to paint it for me, and do the lettering as well. I am going to paint it all red, even the forks. I got the Columbus SL decal from Columbus Italy.

I am going to fix it with some parts accumulated lately-

Cinelli XA Stem, Cinelli 64 Bars
Regal saddle, Campy Aero seatpost
Campy Delta brakeset
Campy Record headset
Campy syncro 2 shifters and Athena 7 speed rear derailleur, in graphite finish [got them after searching in my lbs]Chorus Classic front derailleur
C record cranks and sealed b/b
Campy c record hubs, Omega rims, dt spokes.

Funny thing is...although I've got a state of the art bike now - Prince, Record, Eurus....repainting and assembling this Mexico seems somewhat more fun and meaningful...Don't get me wrong...having a Prince is an ultimate for me, and I love it..But yet, its as though I'm visiting an old friend again.. Guess its a nostalgia, and having parts which you could not afford as a teenager back then, to be on the frame now.

Oh well...hope it all goes well. I'll post a pic once its all done.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great ride!

Sounds great. Please post some pictures. nmDave Hickey
Nov 27, 2002 7:59 AM