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Need help, bike and hrm purchase(3 posts)

Need help, bike and hrm purchasegreenide
Nov 27, 2002 6:17 AM
Hello, I am a mtb'er looking to get a road bike to both train on and the occasional race. I would like some help on what bike to purchase and what heart rate monitor I should go with.

I'm currently looking at the
2002 trek 2300,
2003 scattante altec2 ultegra,
2003 fuji team
2002 litespeed antares w/ cetaur

all bikes are approximately the same price at $1300-1400 USD, I'm just wondering if there is any tangible difference in the quality of these bikes. Some look better than others, they all seem to way about the same. Wheelset quality is a big issue with me, we have
bontrager race lite
shimano r540
ritchey pro
campy proton
respectively.. Do any of these stand out in terms of quality or lack thereof?

About HRM's. I like the polar S150 because it has the target range and the MyIndex thing plus it also works as a cyclocomputer. However, I would like something with all this plus cadence. Is there a computer that has all that?

Thanks for you help!
re: Need help, bike and hrm purchasecastrello
Nov 27, 2002 9:12 AM
The bikes:

to me, all of these seem like fine bikes, although I´d probably go for the litespeed or the trek. Havent really had any experience with fuji or scattante. Get the one that fits.


if you´re not a clydesdale, any of these wheelsets would be ok. I think the protons are the best of these mentioned, but then again, there´s not much wrong with the others. If youre weight consious, put them on a scale.


I´d probably forget about getting a hrm that works as a cyclocomputer (since the polar has limited cyclocomputer functions). Go for the polar if you like its features and combine that with a fligthdeck or an ergobrain.
re: Need help, bike and hrm purchaseGileyD
Nov 28, 2002 4:42 AM
I recently bought an 03 Litespeed Sirius (same frame as Antares, diff paintjob) with 02 Antares kit on it, e.g. Campag Centaur, Protons etc.

Love it to bits. Light, fast, responsive, looks great. Can't comment on your other options but hard to imagine anyone not liking the Litespeed (if you get one to fit right, sizing is a bit odd, test carefully before buying!!)