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cytomax vs accelerade and tires 2!(4 posts)

cytomax vs accelerade and tires 2!Scottland
Nov 27, 2002 12:24 AM
Howdy all you lovely ambulatory cycling humanoid units! I need to know if 700 X 20 will fit on my regular old normal mavic rims that I already have 700 X 23's on, and if so, what are the drawbacks or concerns involved. Additionally, I've been drinking accelerade for the last couple months, and have noticed no real diference between it and plain ole gatorade. I've been post-ing with endurox 2. I wanna try cytomax--is there a viable difference between the performance of these three really? If so, am I just not noticing it? I do from 200-300 miles per week in the hills mostly. Do I just drink too much beer to feel the difference? Thanks in advance for your responses to these two highly urgent queries. Tires and Cytomax anxieties...
The 700x20s will fit . . .Look381i
Nov 27, 2002 5:11 AM
but for most uses will provide no advantage. Studies and anecdotal evidence apparently show 23s to have a more efficient road print, to be more comfortable and to be a little more durable than 20s.

I'll pass on the sports drink question, except to say that IIRC Accelerade contains some protein, cyctomax not. I have used both, not noticed any performance difference but don't like the Accelerade taste at any dilution.
Mix and matchKerry
Nov 27, 2002 5:14 PM
Downside of 20s is they require higher pressures to avoid pinch flats and so result in poorer traction and a harsher ride. If you weigh 180 lb. this is likely a problem because you'll need to push 9-10 bar + pressure (140 psi +). If you weigh 120, it is likely not, since you can get away with 7 bar (105 psi).

Unlike the other poster, my memory is that Cytomax has protein. However, I'm sure you can Google this and find all the compositional analysis. You can accomplish the same thing as these drinks offer by eating food and drinking water. Salted nuts for protein and electrolytes. Fig bars/cheese curls/etc. for carbs.
Mix and matchScottland
Nov 28, 2002 2:33 AM
Thanks Kerry. I'm a big boy. 200 pounds on a caad3 frame. I'm pretty much convinced that the drink doesn't matter much--I eat a power bar every one hour and drink accelerade every ten minutes. Haven't bonked yet, but was just hoping cytomax would help with the burn. Most of my weight is in my ridiculous quads and gluts. Don't care much for smooth ride obviously. Guess I'll stick with accelerade, and 23's.