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Why do we have to walk like ducks when we wear road shoes?(5 posts)

Why do we have to walk like ducks when we wear road shoes?Fez
Nov 25, 2002 1:24 PM
Is there any reason road shoes can't have a couple extra centimeters of heel, thereby offsetting the duck walk resulting from our cleats?

Alternatively, is there a mountain shoe with a sole stiff enough for us roadies?
You could use "touring" shoes.Geardaddy
Nov 25, 2002 3:35 PM
I've been pretty happy with a pair of Look "touring" shoes that I picked up a few years ago. They are not quite as stiff as a carbon soled road shoe, but certainly stiffer than a lot of MTB shoes. So, the only real difference from a road shoe is that they have a little deeper sole so as to have a recessed cleat (I use Ritchey Logic pedals on both road and MTB).

I use these shoes for both road and MTB riding. They are also nearly as light as a road shoe, and I can still use over-booties with them for colder weather riding. Personally, I can't figure out why there isn't more of a selection of this type of shoe on the market. I find them to be a much more practical choice for "all-around" riding.
re: Why do we have to walk like ducks when we wear road shoes?swvegg
Nov 25, 2002 3:56 PM
Because they're not made for walking.
you might want to look at the...._rt_
Nov 26, 2002 8:18 AM
Shimano M-220 mtb shoe--complete with carbon sole.

and currently on sale at Performance for $70. (a steal!)

....however, the stiffer the sole the funnier you're going to be walking because you won't be able to roll through your foot. hence you are back to walking a bit like a duck.

or you could try this .....Geardaddy
Nov 26, 2002 11:37 AM
I found this touring shoe at performance bike ...

A touring shoe like this is probably lighter than an MTB shoe, and because it doesn't have big tread like an MTB, you can more easily fit over-booties et. al.