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Conti GP 4 season experience?(3 posts)

Conti GP 4 season experience?PEDDLEFOOT
Nov 25, 2002 10:15 AM
I'm looking to get some new tires for the new bike I'm having built this winter.I will be using it for long trainig rides and centuries.I've had great luck with the standard GP and was thinking of staying with that model.Would the 4 Season give me anymore protection against flats?I've read a couple of reveiws but was interested in some recent experiences with this model.Thanks.
re: Conti GP 4 season experience?Andy
Nov 25, 2002 4:00 PM
I've been using the 4 season since mid summer. It hardly rained at all this year and there was a lot of glass on the road in my area. Never had a flat but I suffered some minor tread slices. Not enough to replace the tire. I actualy had my first flat last weekend when I ran over a nail and it went through my tread and out the side wall and cut into the rim. I use the 23c size in both the 4 season and the gp3000. Both tires feel the same to me.
Decent against flatsboneman
Nov 26, 2002 12:59 AM
I rode them most of last year. I ride in London, glass capital of the World, worst than Boston or NYC, my other previous venues.

The GP4's are decent against glass and considering the other benefits of this tire, subjectively fast, very responsive, reasonably light and great adhesion in the dry, this would probably fit your needs.

One caveat, despite the hype regarding their tread compound, they are awful in the wet which are the general conditions in the UK.

I've switched for the winter to Conti UltraGators. They are wire beaded and also have a kevlar belt. These babies are bullet proof and have a natural rubber tread which is much better than the GP4 in the wet. Rather heavy and not responsive feeling but that's the tradeoff.

The GP4 will definitely give you some addition protection versus the GP3000. If you ride in crap conditions with lots of glass, take a look at the UltraGator. If not, stick with the GP4.