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near drowning(4 posts)

near drowningMJ
Nov 25, 2002 10:03 AM
so on Saturday morning Eager Beagle and I met in Guildford, UK to do some offroad riding

it's been raining quite a bit here recently - the River in Guildford (whose name I forget) was overflowing - we started out riding along the trail/footpath next to the river - we passed through one deepish puddle and approached a second puddle just outside the town centre - really it was more like a pond which I proceeded to roll into

I got about a third of the way in to the pond - lost all momentum in the standing water and was unable to unclip from my trusty Times - I did a clown fall into the water and went totally under - I was laughing when I fell (as was EB) which made it all that much more difficult to unclip when my face was under - 10 minutes in to the ride and a great start to a day in the mud - for some reason putting my hands out didn't stop me when I hit the surface of the water - though EB assured me it looked pretty funny

BTW - we made about 12 miles over the next two hours on cross bikes - I've never ridden terrain that technical before on a cross bike (and rarely on a mtb.) - it must be said the terrain in Surrey isn't normally that technical but due to the flooding, deep mud, suddenly exposed rock, wet roots and neverending sand it was technical indeed - it would have been alot easier on a mtb. - so I guess the lesson is that you can ride almost anything on a cross bike but it might not be all that much fun - mind we still had a good time

I lost about 40% of my braking power in those two hours and now get to put on some new pads...
good job!!lonefrontranger
Nov 25, 2002 11:19 AM
BipedZed, RodeWarrior (probably eurochien and plo too) and I did the Colorado version of this on Sunday: a very snowy, muddy, slimy and sandy cyclocross race. There was a deep mud section on the bottom of the course which precipitated several of your so-called "clown falls" in the field; I was a victim myself. You'd roll into this thinking it looked not too bad, but if you hit the wrong part of the bog it was essentially bottomless. I and several others teetered to a grinding halt in this BB-deep mudhole, then flailed haplessly to de-cleat while our bikes slowly toppled over. I imagine it must have looked hysterical.

For the record, the American cyclist terms this maneuver an "Arte" in honor of Arte Johnson, a comic on the old TV series "Laugh-In".
Excellent - MJ has developed an "Arte form"! nmEager Beagle
Nov 26, 2002 1:21 AM
Excellent - MJ has developed an "Arte form"! nmjwarrenod
Nov 26, 2002 6:54 AM
My first MTB ride with SPD pedals resulted in no less than 5 Artes. One in a puddle, one when I missed a downshift and stalled out on a steep hill and a couple others from sheer exhaustion/stupidity. Had a blast and didn't get hurt fortunately.

Freed up the release tension on the pedals when I got home!