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What Tour de France had a Horse in ot(5 posts)

What Tour de France had a Horse in otadamo18
Nov 24, 2002 9:33 PM
I just saw the movie Amélie, which surprised me by being really good. In one part they are watching the Tour de France and a horse is running on the street in front of the peleton. What year was that? Thanks
probably not the tourFrith
Nov 25, 2002 7:40 AM
Excellent movie btw.
I remember doing a search after seeing it. By most accounts it is not the tour but actually the 1997 Criterium International won by Stephane Barthe. If you watch the DVD with commentary by the director, He says that he got the footage from the Canal+ (the French equivalent of HBO program "zapping" Since he was preparing the movie during 1997, it would seem natural that this is when he decided to use the clip.
That said, to me the footage looks earlier, like early 80's but this could just be some post effects.

While we're on the whole horses in cycling theme does anyone know what race this was?...
probably not the tourboneman
Nov 25, 2002 8:17 AM
Some of the footage in Amelie is from earlier as there's reference to Bahamontes which is the late 50's, early 60's.

As for this great picture, given that Eddy's riding for Molteni, it's somewhere between 1971-1976, not the 80's.
re: What Tour de France had a Horse in otlegs
Nov 25, 2002 7:49 AM
I cant remember the year.. but as i recall it was an early to early mid 80's tdf...
re: What Tour de France had a Horse in otParticleMan
Nov 26, 2002 7:08 PM
its the ghent wevelgem race, which erik zabel won. not sure of the year though- could be 1999. thtas the one in Amelie.