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American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy Conversion(2 posts)

American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy ConversionKenny
Nov 24, 2002 2:48 PM
I am thinking of a new set of Mavic Cosmos CD wheels. Does anyone have experience using the American Classic cassette that enables a Shimano-only hub (like that on the Mavic Cosmos)to convert to Campy ten speed; reliability, shift quality, etc?

Thanks in advance.
re: American Classic Cassette for Shimano-Campy ConversionScuderia Toscana
Nov 27, 2002 3:37 PM
Sorry I missed your post.

I have direct experience with an American Classic conversion cassette on a Gieppieme Grecal, Shimano-splined hub: all gears shift well. My problem is with my number 7, which is my 17 (11-23), a gear that I use with frequency.

Once I shift to it, the chain rubs ever so slightly against the gear. On a bike stand, if I push lightly on the derailleur, the noise is gone! So, I've tried to adjust my gears to this position, but everything gets whacky. Even my LBS tried but failed to get it perfect.

Others in this forum suggested the Wheels Mfg. Cassette as a better option, but I opted for the cheapr A/C.

I'm not totally satisfied with the solution, but I was aware that this could happen. I'd imagen you'd have a completely different experience with your Mavic Cosmos hub.

Hope this helps.