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Bike suggestions for 7-year old?(5 posts)

Bike suggestions for 7-year old?Dad Man Walking
Nov 24, 2002 10:31 AM
Christmas is coming. My girls just turned seven. They have outgrown their first bikes, which were single-speed coaster brake Schwinns. Very pink. I haven't done the LBS circuit yet, and am interested in any opinions about bikes for this age kid...I don't want to buy junk, but I don't want to spend a ton of money, either (and remember, I need to buy two!) How "much" bike makes sense for kids this age, how long should I expect them to be able to use it, etc.?
re: Bike suggestions for 7-year old?Leroy
Nov 24, 2002 11:36 AM
Just get them what they want - probably what all their friends are riding. There is nothing wrong with Schwinns.
re: Bike suggestions for 7-year old?Chainstay
Nov 24, 2002 1:31 PM
Get them the usual junk Walmart bike. There is no selection and no benefit if you want to venture down the road to better performance. I guess you are going to 20" wheels. They will be into 24" wheels by the time they are 10 and then 26" by the time they are 13. Most parents fondly remember getting their new bikes and want to give their kid the same thrill. But common sense says that used bikes are better, especially if Dad knows how to keep them running in tip top shape. We bought one bike at an auction. That was fun since my son did the bidding. Another frame came from the garbage and we built it up with mostly found parts together.
Haro Mirra 360, 16" wheels $200 (nm)53T
Nov 24, 2002 2:00 PM
Here's what I got my kidColnagoFE
Nov 25, 2002 1:50 PM
My son (now 7) has been riding since he was about 3 and I guess with my love of cycling I kinda spoil him. He's been without training wheels since 4. He started on one of those crappy Target Magnas, but it served the purpose and was cheap. Then to a 16" Trek single speed, then to his current Giant 20" 5 speed MTB which is nice because now he can sort of keep up with me due to the gears.

He has a 2 year old brother that will inherit all of them so I figure I can at least get some good use out of them before they are sold. Must be tough having 2 the same age and having to pop for 2 though! For Xmas I am getting him this bike so he can ride in style with us on cruiser night this spring. Check it out. I have a Dyno Deuce Kruiser with the flames and apehanger bars which looks similar so I'm sure he'll love it.