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Northern Arkansas / So. Missouri riders, a little help pls.(7 posts)

Northern Arkansas / So. Missouri riders, a little help pls.Scot_Gore
Nov 23, 2002 5:23 PM
I'm visiting my folks for the Xmas holidays. It's a fairly quick visit, but I'm going to bring my bike on the off chance that I can get a ride in (weather & family commitments allowing). My folks are not riders and can't judge what's a good route over a risky route. As far as my mothers concerned we're all nuts, "stay on the bike path, its safer".

I was thinking of riding from my parents house to the Pea Ridge Battlefield. Here's a text description of the route from my route software.
Time Mile Instruction For Toward
Summary: 29.1 miles (1 hour, 48 minutes)
9:00 AM 0.1 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Rancho Vista Ln 142 yds
9:01 AM 0.1 Turn LEFT (East) onto El Dorado Dr 120 yds
9:02 AM 0.2 Turn LEFT (North) onto Cypress Point Ln 87 yds
9:02 AM 0.2 Turn LEFT (North-West) onto Holiday Island Dr 1.3 mi
9:07 AM 1.5 Turn LEFT (South) onto Pleasant Ridge Dr 1.0 mi
9:11 AM 2.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto Leatherwood Ln 10 yds
9:11 AM 2.5 Bear LEFT (South) onto CR-66 [S Woodsdale Dr] 0.6 mi
9:14 AM 3.2 Bear LEFT (South-East) onto S Woodsdale Dr 0.1 mi
9:15 AM 3.3 Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-187 3.9 mi
9:28 AM 7.2 Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto CR-232 1.5 mi
9:34 AM 8.7 Entering Missouri
9:34 AM 8.7 Continue (North) on Local road(s) 2.8 mi
9:44 AM 11.5 Bear LEFT (West) onto Butler Rd 4.7 mi
10:00 AM 16.2 Continue (North-West) on Eureka St [Butler Rd] 0.5 mi
10:02 AM 16.7 Bear LEFT (South) onto Frisco 87 yds
10:03 AM 16.8 Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-DD 6.0 mi
10:24 AM 22.8 Continue (South) on CR-DD 164 yds
10:24 AM 22.9 Entering Arkansas
10:24 AM 22.9 Bear RIGHT (South) onto CR-67 1.4 mi
10:30 AM 24.4 Bear LEFT (East) onto Gann Ridge Rd 32 yds
10:30 AM 24.4 Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-67 0.4 mi
10:32 AM 24.8 Turn RIGHT (South) onto N Old Wire Rd 2.3 mi
10:40 AM 27.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-67 1.0 mi
10:44 AM 28.1 Bear LEFT (South) onto Military Park Rd 0.7 mi
10:47 AM 28.8 Bear LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) 0.4 mi
10:48 AM 29.1 Arrive Pea Ridge National Military Park

I asked the software for an arterial road route and the above is what I got.
Three Questions:
1) Based on actual experience on the roads in the area. How's this for a route ? Perspective on safty, road conditions and enjoyment of time on ride welcome.
2) The route planner has me coming into the Pea Ridge Reserve from the north. Is that possible. I've been there in my car and don't recall that there's any other way in except from the south.
3) Other recommended road routes in the Eureka Springs area (just in case)

Thanks in advance


Here's a picture of the route.
re: Northern Arkansas / So. Missouri riders, a little help pls.FTMD
Nov 23, 2002 6:53 PM
I can't offer you any real quidance on this route, as I don't know it specfically. But, I do know that most of the roads in this area of MO/AR are hilly with lots of curves. And almost no shoulders. I wouldn't be comfortable setting out on them with a recon mission by car first. FWIW.

I hope others with more specific knowledge can chime in. Maybe call some shop in Little Rock or F-ville for guidance?

Oh yeah, I give it about 20 minutes before you get the first hill billy making you squeal like a pig wisecrack.
Ditto, essentiallyjtolleson
Nov 23, 2002 8:58 PM
My folks live in Fayetteville with lots of family in Eureka, so I've spent a fair amount of time there and must say I've stayed away from long road rides in favor of trips to the gym.

Narrow-ish windy roads with NO shoulder (you'd be riding in the traffic lane) and quite a few blind curves, plus a driving population that is flat-out not used to anticipating (or accommodating) cyclists. Don't mean to be a nay-sayer 'cause the area looks like fun riding but those are my concerns.

Probably safer to try to hook up with a club ride out of NW Ark or, as suggested, talk to an LBS.
A club ride in Arkansas in December ? Are such things possible..Scot_Gore
Nov 24, 2002 10:09 AM
it's winter and cold for the ARK crowd. I have the same concerns about the roads as both of you, but wanted to get a locals perspective and give them enough data to make a sound assessment. Thanks for the replys

re: Northern ArkansasChen2
Nov 24, 2002 4:19 PM
I grew up in Siloam Springs, Ark and have driven the roads you are considering. Those are some serious hills, of course the scenery is terrific. You must know that snow and ice are also a possibility in the winter. And yes, there is a north entrance to Pea Ridge Battleground near Elkhorn Tavern. My great-grandfather fought in that battle, but he was a yankee. A safer ride would be from Fayetteville south on Hiway 71. It has shoulders and less traffic now that the new parallel Interstate 540 is open.
Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Thanks for infoScot_Gore
Nov 24, 2002 8:31 PM
Yes, I know snow & ice are possible. If it's under 35 and ANY kind of precip, I'd skip it. I live in Minnesota, so a little cold dosn't bother me, but I also have an appreciation for what snow and ice can do to you, especially on a hill. My thinking as of now is to not ride, and use this trip to drive the route and bring the bike next time.

Thanks for the HWY 71 tip. There's probaly no way I could pull off a 45 minute drive to go biking. Maybe next trip.

Nov 25, 2002 6:40 AM
Forgot to mention that the bike club in Fayetteville puts on an early Spring ride from Fayetteville to Lake Ft Smith and back. I don't know if they have a web site, I learned of the ride at