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Look clipless pedal questions(6 posts)

Look clipless pedal questionskayak42
Nov 23, 2002 5:21 PM
Recently bought a used bike for my wife and it came with Look pedals, SIDI shoes and cleats. My only experience with clipless pedals is Speedplay x2 which I love but these are completely different.

I would like to know how to increase the float. Also if I could adjust them so they would engage and disengage the cleats easier I would like to know how to do that.

The seller of the bike threw in a pair of shoes in the deal. The shoes were too big so I got a pair of shimano shoes. I was able to use the cleats from the seller's shoes. The hole pattern on the shimano shoes only allows for 2 screws to fit in the cleats(the rear 2). The front hole in the cleat doesn't match up with the shoe. Is this OK, or do I have something wrong here? On the SIDI shoes 3 screws matched up.

Thanks in advance,
re: Look clipless pedal questionsS-U-B
Nov 23, 2002 5:42 PM
Depends what model pedals they are as far as tension. Some have a plastic knob in the back to change tension, others i believe have a tension screw. you need to have all three screws, im not sure if they sell an adapter. is there a slot for the front screw, but it just doesn't line up? sometimes you have to move the plate around in the shoe in order to get the holes lined up. if the cleats are red that gives you float, but if they are black you won't have much float. Look pedals are great, good luck.
Shimano shoes...merckx56
Nov 23, 2002 6:40 PM
come with an alternative plate for Look pedal use. The plate that's in the shoe fits SPD-R applications. You need to remove the insole and cut the inner sole of the shoe. There will be a series of small cuts where you need to cut to guide you. Pull that cut piece up and remove the plate(Shimano) and then put the alternate plate(Look) in it's place. It's not a quick process and you will curse aloud. If you got at a LBS, take 'em back and let them do it!
There should be an allen head screw somewhere on the pedals that increases/decreases release tension. If you don't have 296 or 396 or higher model Look pedals, you cannot adjust the float. Red cleats will give you enough float.
One more question.kayak42
Nov 24, 2002 4:55 AM
Well, that explains my questions. I do have the red cleats so that is good for float. There is an allen screw for tension and I will try adjusting that. BTW they are "Look 247" pedals.

The shimano shoes came not with complete replacement plates for Look. What it came with is 2 one inch x 1/2 inch black metal plates with one threaded hole in it. I assume these are to modify the shoes to be Look compatible. Is this correct? Are your prior recommendations about installing plates also apply here?

Nov 24, 2002 6:02 AM
those are the replacement plates I was referring to. The way I suggested to install still goes!
On the pedal, either tighten or loosen the tension all the way, so that when you start to adjust them, both pedals will be adjusted similarly. Also, count your turns when adjusting. 4 turns on one and you know that's what the other needs!
Nov 24, 2002 11:46 AM