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Training: Hills & flats... same method?(2 posts)

Training: Hills & flats... same method?gnailuh
Nov 23, 2002 4:00 PM
hi, i live in the bay area, plenty of big hills to climb. and i do and i'm getting better and better.

but i compete in triathlons, where most of the races are pretty flat. i can see myself getting better in the hills, where i can keep up with bike racers, but i get blown away on the flats. now if i want to improve on the flats, for tris, should i continue to train in the hills? would i be getting same benefits? or should i be doing more flat runs on big gears, like stumps?

could someone list a training plan?

Standard TT training tipsKerry
Nov 24, 2002 5:48 PM
You need to be doing speed intervals - 8-10 minutes at race pace or a little higher, with full recovery (5 minutes?) in between. 4-5 of these, once or twice per week - done only after a full warmup and will adequate cool down. Don't do two days back to back. Whether you can do something like this in the hills can be a challenge. Seek out the easier grades or flatter sections. Shorter time intervals (3 min on/3 min recovery) can help you build your TT speed, while the longer ones build your racing capabilty. Forget the big gears - all of the world hour records have been set with a cadence above 90 rpm (most closer to 100). Work on your spin so that you will have some legs left for the run.