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A question on saddle shapes .(5 posts)

A question on saddle shapes .ol
Nov 22, 2002 10:49 PM
I seem to have a major problem finding the right saddle shape for my behind. My last saddle which I had for 4 weeks was the SLR, my initial impression was that this is the saddle for me but after doing a number of rides which were over 60 miles the saddle proved to be too uncomfortable. I have experimented with a number of saddles which proved unsuccessfull eg.
Era pro.- too wide at the nose & the stitching sucks.
Pro link.- too wide full stop
SLR regular and trans am. -too hard & the edges of the saddle are too sharp.
Giro Pave.- way to hard although the shape was good.
My current saddle is a basic flight and the jury is still out on this one. While the flight feels more comfortable than the SLR, I think it might be too wide in the middle part of the saddle, my inner thighs seem to slightly brush the edges of the saddle when I am pedaling. Is this a sign of a saddle being too wide? Or is this quite normal and certain amount of touching is expected. If the flight proves to be unsuccessfull as well, what type of saddles are left to try. It has to be reasonably narrow ,not too hard, no stitching, no anatomical cut outs. Please help. Advice most welcome.
Had several Flite Ti's before goingto SLRs . . .Look381i
Nov 23, 2002 3:47 AM
A main reason I now prefer the SLR is the narrower nose. I also found the Flite to brush my thighs, which caused my shorts to fray a bit there. It wasn't so bad that it chafed the skin, though.

The slight additional padding of the Flite over the SLR makes it seem a little more comfortable at first. I think it took my butt a few hundred miles to accommodate to the SLR, but now it feels right. I did a century plus a couple weeks ago. No problems.

I have wondered about the Flite TT. Does it offer a different shape than the old Flite Ti?
Saddle adjustment.Len J
Nov 23, 2002 5:08 AM
I have found, especially with the SLR, that very small adjusments make a hugh difference. The next time you go out take an allen wrench with you. Start out level & ride for a little bit, see ohow comfortable that is. Then begin to tilt the nose down one or two turns at a time. Adjust & ride for a while. Note what feels good & what doesn't. Go back to level. & do the same thing only this tiome go nose up. As you are doing this keep track of which positions feel the best. Then set your bike at one of these and go for a long ride. Repeat iwth the other positions you seemed to like.

I found that it took a little fiddling to find the right position but once I found it, I couldn't believe the difference.

Good Luck

Len J (above) Saddle topic from 7/19/02mahoneyjoe
Nov 23, 2002 7:05 AM
I saved a saddle fit thread started by LenJ entitled "Guide to saddle selection (from an idiot)" dated 7/19/02; if you can still search for this out of archives, alot of really good advice there.
We all have different shapes..DINOSAUR
Nov 23, 2002 8:47 AM
Finding the right saddle is hit and miss. I've had good luck with the Selle Italia saddles. The Flite models are long and have long rails and give you lots of room to play with. I found that saddle tilt makes a big difference. I always liked riding with a slight backward tilt but was wearing out the nose area of my saddle and I leveled it out using a small carpenters level and it feels more comfortable that way, and easier on the shorts also.

I just purchased a Selle Italia Max Flite...a tad wider than the other Flite saddles, no ti rails, no gel, no embrodery, no cut out. Smooth leather, more padding than the other Flite saddles. I found mine on sale at Price Point for $19.98 if you can live with a half black/half red saddle, or just put a saddle cover on it. I prefer this saddle over the Flite Gel, but then again what's good for one might not accommodate another..

There are endless choices, lot's of folks love the Brooks all leather saddles, they will conform to your anatomy over a period of time, but I found the rails were too short to dial in with the geometry of bike...