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sigh.... Wheels (AGAIN )... Weight vs Aero(2 posts)

sigh.... Wheels (AGAIN )... Weight vs AeroCARBON110
Nov 22, 2002 10:36 AM
I can here seinfeld now maing a sarcastic joke about how over used this is to discussion. " whats with Aero wheels? Are they fast or just fast looking, you turn the pedal how can they spin any faster than any other wheel?"

Anyway, a few things I wanted to say. Having a fair "deep depth " of knowledge since owning about 10 different wheelsets and using a powermeter to check the difference I have found the following:

Aero is a wheel 38mm deep or more... anything ess I dont think does a whole lot.

Light weight riders will save more energy by riding aero and light weight wheels.

Riding in a pack (race) with Aero wheels can save a rider up to 5-10% more energy.

Saving energy makes a rider more economic and the rider retains more energy for the final mile

Heavy Aero wheels have a benefit on flats since a heavy wheel needs less Power to turn once at speed but more Power to get up to speed.

Cross winds can actually increase speed on some very deep dish wheels especially disk wheels.

A rider can save alot more energy by just remaining calm and keeping a cadence economic and legs relaxed while in a field of riders.

Unless you climbing Mt Washington, basic 32 spoke wheels are NON- Aero wheels need more power to turn than even slightly aero wheels due to wind resistance.

Wheelsets are the easiest way to save alot of weight on your bike due to the weight being rotational and the wheelsets weighing 10% of your bike weight.

A riders profile is just as important as wheelsets. A stem to high, keeping yur knees in while pedaling, hands in the drops, etc is going to add jusas much aero advantage as wheelsets if not more.

Anyone is welcome to disagree, but this is what I found after tampering with my power meter under some tests with different wheels, different positions, with common sense constants in each test on a track.

O and deep aero wheelsets that retain water, suck compared to those that are water tight. Mainly, most water tight aero wheels have the nipples on the top of the rim while hidden nipples are on the inside of the rim.
re: sigh.... Wheels (AGAIN )... Weight vs AeroJuanmoretime
Nov 22, 2002 10:50 AM
In your opinion does a semi aero wheel, I ride Velomax Curcuit Comps, make a good compromise between a light weight wheel and an aero wheel? I was looking to build a light weight set of climbing wheels, mostly for steep short climbs and steep descents, 50 MPH on the descents. It seems like what I have my be the best of both worlds. At 1650 grams a set, not the lightest but strong enough for me that they do seem to work well on the climbs and feel very precise on the descents with a 27 mm high aero rim.