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In Praise of Sprinters...(4 posts)

In Praise of Sprinters...Uprwstsdr
Nov 22, 2002 9:01 AM
Personally, I am in awe of all elite level racers, and have a tremendous amount of respect for any racer or recreational rider who has dedicated whatever time they have available to cycling. You all inspire me to try to be the best I can be on my bike.

For those those who are more critical, and recent threads suggest there are a few, I offer the follwing quote.

"For all their fearlessness, sprinters are a delicate breed. At the peak of form they effuse an aura of invincibility, suggesting no bicycle rider ever pedaled as fast. To win, sprinters must have everything: physical condition, confidence, luck, aggression and committed team support. An elusive combination, attainable but not sustainable."--David Walsh, Inside the Tour de France
I remember a ride with Davis Phinney...brider
Nov 22, 2002 9:32 AM
He had come to Seattle (presumable to visit family, as his sister lived nearby) and did a seminar/talk on a friday night, and the next day we all took the ferry over to an island and did a pretty hilly ride. Interestingly enough, there were some hammerheads that wanted to make a race of it. Davis wasn't interested, and hung back with a slower, more recreational group (I stayed there because the other people I was with weren't racers). Anyway, Davis had broken his wrist, and had his cast formed to allow riding (formed around his brake levers, first generation STI). It was post season, so it was kind of cold and misty (as happens in Seattle). We're riding up a hill, and Davis is going no-handed trying to take his jacket off over the cast. And he's dusting us. I'm no slouch at climbs, and was thoroughly impressed with this sprinter.
I remember a ride with Davis Phinney...Me tooPaulCL
Nov 22, 2002 10:00 AM
I was in Colorado the summer of '01 at his Bikecamp. As I was crawling up the Fremont Pass, I noticed Davis on the side of the road getting a rain jacket from his wife, Connie Carpenter. It was August and there was freezing rain on the top of the mountain. But I digress...

He got back on the road and was just starting to climb. I was about a 100 yards behind him and stood up and cranked it up. As I blew past him (expending every ounce of energy I had left), I yelled in my best Phil Liggett voice..."in the 2001 Tour, Listerman blows past the hapless sprinter on the mountain climb..." or something like that. He joined in the joke and did a Liggett impression too about how the sprinter blew away the climber ( was a joke guys!) on the mountain. He stepped on it and blew past me like he was being dragged by a Ferrari. I caught him at the top ten minutes later.

Moral of the story: TDF quality sprinters may make "lousy" climbers when compared to the 135lb Roberto Heras's of the world. But to us meer mortals, they are phenominal climbers. I was impressed. And cold.
Yep, I bet Cipo could blow <i>ALL</i> of us away on a climb as well! -nmTig
Nov 22, 2002 5:05 PM