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Castelli 2003 pants v. Pearl Izumi 2003 Staccato pants(2 posts)

Castelli 2003 pants v. Pearl Izumi 2003 Staccato pantsonespeed
Nov 21, 2002 7:46 AM
So I bought both of these items as an alternative to tights for this cold season. I have worn both and here are my thoughts.

The Castelli's ("CI") are more expensive at $125 compared to the $90 for the PI's. The CI also have a few more features that the PI's dont: a full length zipper on the outside of each leg, ankle cinchers and full wind/water proof front. They also have one front left zip pocket.

The PI's have 2 more zip pockets than the CI's, I dont know if this is a help or a hinderance; more opportunity to carry junk. They also have articulated knees. I was surprised they did not have the ankle cinchers to keep the cuff out of the chain, the first time I rode with them I got the cuff all covered in gunk from the chain. The lack of a windproof front means they cannot be worn comfortably in windy, rainy or truly cold temps. They are roomy and comfortable though, and I would not feel weird stopping by my local pub on the way home from work standing around in them.

Both have a full fleece lining that is more than adequate. The CI's are the best at keeping me warm. That windproof front does the job. I like the fact that they look more like a pair of pants than form fitting tights.

I would have to go with the CI's for the preferred pair I will be wearing this winter. The PI's will be worn on days when it is not so cold or windy.
thanks for the info. nmfbg111
Nov 21, 2002 7:59 AM