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Just started weights program, need help(10 posts)

Just started weights program, need helpblingbling2002
Nov 20, 2002 7:03 PM
I started a weight lifting program on monday, and I've been sore are hell my last two days (mostly my arms/shoulders, my legs feel fine). I expected to be sore, but should I lift tomorrow even if I'm sore? I eventually will lift every other day, but i can't do that right now so I want to do every other other day for now. Should I wait until all the soreness is gone or is it ok to lift anyway? Also, my left achilles is sore from all the running/walking/biking i've been doing the past 2 weeks. It's not super sore or anything, but I don't want to injure myself. Is it ok to do run or walk (or even bike) with it like that? Will the pain go away as the tendon gets used to the activity, or should I back off a bit? Thanks for your help.

Theres a difference between being sore and being overtrainedPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Nov 20, 2002 10:02 PM
Theres a line between being sore and being overtrained. It can either be a very big one or a very small one. As long as you take a day rest between workouts for your upper body you should be fine. Since your just getting back into it soreness is completely expected but if it doesn't start to really dissipate in a week take a couple days off.

As for your achilles tendon ice it lots and ease into running/walking/biking. Whatever you started doing that made it hurt. I'd say riding is fine but I suspect its the running that did it so ease into that. Tendons are different from muscles in that they will strengthen but they take a lot more time and are easier to injure.

Good luck!
Sore is normal, sore is good, but watch that tendoncory
Nov 20, 2002 10:48 PM
Being sore from lifting isn't usually anything to worry about. Especially if it feels better as you warm up, don't give it a thought. Ease off for a couple of days if you want.
As the other post said, though, tendons are different. I'd be careful with that, ice it and take it easy.
Anatomical Adaptation: 8 weeks easy weights. Read Friel (nm)Spunout
Nov 21, 2002 4:40 AM
re: More reps, less weight. Let your body get used to it.dzrider
Nov 21, 2002 5:08 AM
Agree with previous posters - muscular soreness is to be expected. A tendon problem is not to minimized or fooled with.
Yes, you shouldn't have to strain to get 10-12 reps out...bent_spoke
Nov 21, 2002 7:00 AM
Take it slow & build up. Also, if you still have doubts and think that you are more tired than you expect, take more time off to recover. It beats needing to take a few weeks for an injury.
I do 30 reps with low strain, 2 sets, 10 weeks phaze. nmSpunout
Nov 21, 2002 8:12 AM
Nov 21, 2002 8:34 AM
Do not take aspirin for any tendon pain. Tendonitis is the result of microtears in the tendon. Aspirin will crystalize uric acid in those tears, essentially working like mini-saw, making the tears worse.
You will be sore..DINOSAUR
Nov 21, 2002 8:49 AM
I've lifted weights since I was in my 20's. I've stopped now and then to pursue other activities and to curb the weight gain than come with lifting (especially for old guys). Soreness is common for the first week or so. Continue to lift but you will probably have to drop down on the poundage. Funny, as I was thinking about going under our house and dragging up my bench press bench and start lifting again this winter, but I remember how sore I got the first couple of days and have put it off. So sore that it hurt even to turn over in bed at night. Actually you will always be a little bit sore if you lift, if your not, you are doing something wrong...

I would be careful about that achilles, I partially tore mine from overtraining during the running boom days. Make sure to stretch before you exercise. I found what helps me is shoe inserts, over-the-counter type (Superfeet). And stretch those achilles...good old wall push-ups is what the Dr recommended for me, along with medication...
You will be sore..divve
Nov 22, 2002 2:34 AM
Same thing here. I first starting lifting weights when I was 17 or so. After 4 sessions at the gym I had to to take a whole week off. I could barely get out of bed due to the muscle aches. I remember that especially my abdominals were hurting badly. People kept saying that I should just continue and the pain will disappear. I've found that not to be the way for me. My body appears to be much more comfortable with a gradual build up. Over the past 18 years I've been training with weights off and on and have started again since a year. Every time I took the gradual route and haven't experienced much discomfort at all.