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Are my Shimano 600 STI levers toast?(6 posts)

Are my Shimano 600 STI levers toast?wilsonc
Nov 18, 2002 6:32 PM
My 600 STI levers were working perfectly until just the other day. When I hopped on the rollers, I found that the right/rear lever didnt upshift properly(towards smaller cogs). So, I tried flushing it with WD-40. The downshift is crisper, but still the upshift doesnt work... If I try to upshift, nothing happens. But, if I then swing the downshift lever right to the point right before it is going to downshift, I hear a small click inside the lever (read: not the downshift ratchet engaging). Then when I release the downshift lever, magically the derailleur upshifts.

I've also tried the lever with just a cable attached (no housing). With a little hand tension on the cable right out of the STI lever, it doesnt upshift properly (read: doesnt release any cable), confirming that the problem is in the lever, not cable, housing, derailleur.

I'm guessing that some part inside the lever is worn out creating too much friction. It just strikes me as strange that it would happen between rides (bike stored inside of course), where one ride, it works fine, then the next ride, it doesnt work right off the bat.

Has anyone had this problem and fixed it before? Is it even possible to disasseble these levers to maybe fix them (I know they arent supposed to be user servicable like campy, but who knows...)? I have all the parts to upgrade to 9-speed (DA STI levers, cassette, chain), but I was hoping to get another indoor winter out of the 8 speed before I put the new stuff on.

Yup, Take them back to PerformanceMasonJ
Nov 18, 2002 8:52 PM
They will give you credit for a new set of Ultegra. Just tell them they don't meet your standards anymore. They take back everything. That way you aren't out a ton of money.
Mason J
That's pretty abusive...jose_Tex_mex
Nov 19, 2002 11:44 AM
Performance has a great return policy. Just because they will take things back doesn't mean you should return everything after ten years rather than upgrade. Stuff wears out - acknowledge, move on.

It sounds as if the poster got their money worth. Shimano 600 STI? That could be something like 12 years old. Spend the few bucks on Ultegra or even 105 - which is probably better than old 600.
that suckspmf1
Nov 19, 2002 1:21 PM
Regarding Perfomance booties you wrote:

"Like everything else with Performances name on it..."

Posted by: MasonJ Nov-18-02, 03:57 PM

They suck. You are right about the one thing you are concerned about and that is the velcro. It has a tendency to hit the crank up and ride upward. I would get a pair of SIDIs or another high quality brand. Take these things back if you have already bought them.

So Jeff, everything Performance sells sucks, but its OK to take advantage of them when your stuff wears out. That, and your endless beer drinking cr@p is really annoying. In a couple of years, when you're old enough to drink beer and hopefully a little more grown up, why don't you return to this board? In the mean time, why don't you, bobobo and the Scorpionking go hang out at the video arcade?
Maybe not....Lone Gunman
Nov 19, 2002 7:59 PM
Without actually seeing the levers, I suppose you mean Ultegra. STI has not been around that long to be 600. You might be missing a part of your levers and that part is a small screw that is on the under side of the inside lever that screws into the body of the outside/topside lever. Look at your shifter while the bike is upside down or you are crouched low and looking upward. That screw has a tendency to back itself out of place and fall out. Look at the left side shifter and see if you see that screw I am speaking of as left side also has this screw. If it is missing I think it is a 5mmx1/4inch machine screw and can be found at Home Depot or Lowes or the LBS for a junk pair, and get some blue loctite to re-secure that screw if that is the problem.

If not, time to buy new shifters.
Nov 20, 2002 9:05 AM
STI was around with the older Ultegra. Older grey Ultegra always had the Shimano 600 lettering on it. It was originally downtube shift and later got the STI 8speed upgrade that trickled down from the 7400 DuraAce group.