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Looking for YOUR OPINIONS on which bike size(3 posts)

Looking for YOUR OPINIONS on which bike sizesjomi
Nov 18, 2002 4:05 PM
I am 68.5"; 130lbs, 26 years old
32" riding inseam, 24" torso, 25" arm length

Have been riding a 54cm C-Top C-Dale
54.5cm t-t, 74 seat tube angle, 110 80° stem for a reach of 65.5cm, 4.5" drop between seat and bars and it works for me

When I use Internet sizing formulas I come up with a 54 C-t and a 66.25 reach

Last week I test road a 54 C-C Orbea, 55CM TT, and 74STA and I think I would get a good fit on it. They want too much money for the Orbeas so I am looking at the Viners at GVHBikes. It will be about $750 cheaper and have Chorus instead of the Centaur on the Orbea.

Here are my choices. I think I can get a good fit on any, but can't decide which to pull the trigger on:

Viner T10 Pro Team V5, 54 C-T, 55.2 TT, 135Head tube length, 74 Seat Tube angle, 11 stem

Viner T10 Pro Team V5, 55 c-t, 55.8TT, 10 maybe a 11 stem

Viner Pro Team Nemo, 54 C-C, 54.5TT, 11 stem

Pinarello Suprise or Galileo, 54cm C-t, with 54.7 tt or
55cm C-t with 55tt, both have 73STA, 11 stem on either

Anyone want to give me their suggestions to help me decide?
Nov 19, 2002 8:53 AM
In the old days, on CompuServe ...Allez Rouge
Nov 19, 2002 9:14 AM
... we used to help others decide things like this by asking, "Which one comes in the color you like best?"

I am NOT being facetious here -- not entirely. For the most part, all your candidate bikes are within a centimeter of each other in both major dimensions. In some cases it's only a few tenths of a centimeter. The thickness of the padding in different brands of shorts will make more difference than that.

I personally would favor the bikes with the more relaxed seat tube, because that would be better suited to (what pases for) my physique and the kind of riding I do. But that's me, not you. And I'd also want to know more about things like BB drop and chainstay length, no matter what the ST angle is. And even then ... it would still be MY bike, not yours.

Bottom line, I'm not sure this is something anyone else can really help you with.