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Showering after ride to work(16 posts)

Showering after ride to worksteven424
Nov 17, 2002 9:46 PM
I live in Brooklyn and work in Midtown Manhattan. I would love to ride to my office instead of taking the subway, but unfortunately on most days I would be sweating rather heavily by the time I arrived. I could carry a change of clothing, but there is absolutely no place to shower or in any way freshing up except for standard men's room facilities (stalls & sink).

How do others handle this situation? Has anyone found a creative way of dealing with this?

Thanks in advance,
--- Steve
re: Showering after ride to workRatite_Power
Nov 18, 2002 1:10 AM
I hate to tell ya, but it just so happens that as soon as I relocated to Asheville, NC, I got a great job in an anti-lock brake manufacturing facility based in Germany called Continetal Teves, serendipidously the makers of my road bike tires(3000 grand prixs) the men's locker room there are two generously appointed shower stalls and I got assigned two lockers--one for my regular crap and one for all my sweaty cycling gear. So yes, I ride to work and back home every night at midnight, and I get to take a really nice shower just before donning my blue-collar uniform and inspecting brake parts all day. Unfortunately, I have no practical advice for your situation other than that if you have no shower facilities, then working all day with post-cycling sweat-nastiness sux.

Cassowaries Dominate,

Baby wipes........Dave Hickey
Nov 18, 2002 4:40 AM
I used them all summer after my commute. They work great.
Agreed! I also change my shirt...jtferraro
Nov 18, 2002 12:26 PM
I started commuting to work in late September, as it was cooler out(my company doesn't have showers, either!). I took heed to many people's advice, here, and had already prepared by bringing and extra pair of shoes to work w/me(on a drive day). Additionally, I had picked up CVS antibacterial washclothes and Old Spice Cool Contacts(similar, only smell nice). In my CamelBak I carried a clean shirt to change into, too. This worked great for me but I haven't been commuting since it a.) gets dark so early and b.) it's considerably colder/windier out now. I do, however, miss it and am considering trying it again but leaving work a tad earlier. I was in Boston Friday night and this weekend and saw so many cycling commuters.

Good Luck,

Face towel and the sink. (nm)Spunout
Nov 18, 2002 4:52 AM
bigger towel, cologne, and the sink. (nm)dzrider
Nov 18, 2002 5:08 AM
What I dojoekm
Nov 18, 2002 5:24 AM
I'm able to keep my bike in our electronics shop (used to keep it in the warehouse but the metal filings from the CNC were wreaking havoc on my tires). I do my rides over my lunch hour.

Anyway, I just head to the bathroom and wipe myself down as best I can. Then, whan I get back to my office, I use a combination of Oxy medicated pads, Speedstick Deodorant, and Axe body spray. The Oxy pad is also useful for wiping down the strap on the heart rate monitor.

Hope this helps,
re: Showering after ride to workbiketalk
Nov 18, 2002 5:55 AM
I like yourself also have no access to a shower but have found that I use the handicap washroom on our floor as it has a huge sink and is larger. I only ride in a few days a week and I make sure that I'm not meeting anyone and that my fellow workers know I rode just in case I'am a tad in the "high side".
Not very creative: I joined a gym by the office.djg
Nov 18, 2002 6:20 AM
I keep shoes and some pairs of slacks in a locker there to lighten the load. And I keep a lock in the garage of the building where I work (there are bike racks on each floor of the parking garage). Ride in, shower, shave, and change and that's it.
Shower BEFORE you leave...Fez
Nov 18, 2002 6:33 AM
I discovered this kind of by accident. I had just showered one Saturday morning when a friend unexpectedly called and wanted to go riding. It was a beautiful day so of course I said yes. It felt weird being squeaky clean and heading out for a ride!

Anyway, after I was done I noticed I felt much cleaner, and it seemed as though my cycling clothes were much cleaner - just damp with sweat but not really all that dirty.

So I would suggest showering before you leave home and riding in clean cycling clothes. Have some soap or baby wipes at the office bathroom and wash off your face and neck, towel off the rest of you, change into some clean work clothes, and you should be OK. I think sweat stinks the worst if you are already dirty to begin with, or if you don't have clean clothes.
Live in Brooklyn and work in Midtown and commute as wellonespeed
Nov 18, 2002 7:06 AM
I commute pretty much everyday.

The key to my commute is a casual work environment and a gym that is literally 1 block from work. I skip a shower before work, pack my bag, and ride to work. My work clothes are in my bag. I have 2 pairs of wingtips in the office that I switch out periodically and a shave/shower kit as well. I just grab the kit as soon as I get to the office and usually get a workout in as well; shower and head back to work.

Its worked like a charm for me for the last 5 years. The ride in to work year round is better than a cup of coffee.
re: Showering after ride to workcommuterguy
Nov 18, 2002 8:00 AM
Showering before the ride, and then using baby wipes works great for me. My understanding of the science of being smelly is as follows: we are constantly shedding dead skin cells, which bacteria metabolize, which creates byproducts which smell bad. Sweat, by itself, is not source of unpleasant odor, but does create an environment that allows bacteria (if present) to chow on dead skin cells (if present). A good bath or shower rids the body of both bacteria and dead skin. So, no matter how sweaty you are on arrival, a quick towel-off leaves you perfectly presentable.

I have visited midtown Manhattan, but never lived there or in any other borough of NYC. Do you have a good, safe route to bike to and from work?
Here is what I MIGHT try ...Allez Rouge
Nov 18, 2002 8:42 AM
I don't commute to work by bike, but have been seriously itching to give it a try. The distance is slightly under seven miles and except for one hill about 1/2m long, the ride in would be either flat or gently downhill most of the way. The problem is the same one many people have: no shower at work.

There is, however, a large motel immediately adjacent to my office. I am considering asking the owners: how much would you charge me to use one of your room's showers each workday morning? The motel is independently owned and typically has very low occupancy rates, so I'm thinking the owners might be receptive to making a few extra bucks this way. I would ask for a price both with and without towels included. I'm not sure if I'd want a daily, per-actual-use rate or a flat monthly charge based on the 22 workdays in an average month. Probably the latter, for simplicity. Ideally they'd designate a specific room as "mine" and allow me to keep the key so I could come and go as needed. I'd even be willing to keep the bathroom clean myself ... all I want is some hot water, and a place to stand under it.

Point being, if someone else has a mom-and-pop motel handy to their showerless workplace, this might be one "creative" way to solve the problem ...
this works in Florida, even in Augustmaximum15
Nov 18, 2002 10:07 AM
I shower just before I leave the house. No deoderant. As soon as I arrive to work (8.5 miles), I clean the private areas and armpits with baby wipes. Pick the handicapped stall as there is more room for manuvering. I also rinse the neck, face, and hair (thank goodness short hair is in style) in the sink and towell dry. No problems with odors and the office I work in would let me know if there was an issue. In fact, I have found that I don't really need deoderant. For some reason, sweating when I am clean doesn't leave me feeling yucky or sticky. This has worked for me on rides at 95F with 95% humidity. Actually, after one of these rides, the AC in the building feels absolutely wonderful. Try it, you will be suprised how well it works. One note of caution -- until this feels "routine" to you, you might be a little nervous about the ritual required. Nervous sweat will smell. Be calm and collected and you won't have any problems.
re: Showering after ride to workjrm
Nov 18, 2002 3:19 PM
i shower before i roll out from home. Once at work i use some paper towels to wipe the sweat off. Works for me.
My current commute is within Manhattan butvelocity
Nov 18, 2002 6:20 PM
I always have work clothes at work. I have a place to park in the building garage. As others have said, I shower and shave before I get there and don't find sweat to be a major issue. Even when I've had longer bike commutes I've never felt the need to have to shower again when I get to work. Why do you feel you need more than standard men's room facilities? Leave a towel, soap, deodorant, cologne, etc., at work, as you see fit. Try commuting by bike before the weather gets very cold and see if it works for you. Once you do, if you love to ride, you'll see it's faster and better for you than driving or the subway -- plus you've squeezed in base miles!