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I just have to vent(10 posts)

I just have to ventbsimone
Nov 17, 2002 5:44 PM
I walked into one of the LBS's a short while ago looking for an alloy pulley for my DA rear der. A company called Problem Solvers manufactures them. I explained to the guy what I was looking for and he asked me why. I told him that the bottom pulley on my rear der. was a bit 'frayed' and I would like to try an alloy one. His response was this: "Oh you have shimano...nothing ever goes wrong with Shimano (he was being sarcastic)." I immeidately sized him up for the elitist wannabe he was.

At that point two of this cronies come over and begin downgrading Shimano and proceed to tell me why Campy is better and why I would never have a problem with a Campy pulley. In short their final analysis was based on price, you get what you pay for.

What I didn't tell him was that I work at a LBS myself and that I didn't want to wait for Hawley or Quality to ship the part if I could get it today (my shop doesn't carry the part, I would have to order it). I was so close to telling him that speaking strickly from a cost perspective, the shops can actually order most of Record cheaper than they can DA (If you work at a LBS, check your distro books). So following his logic, DA Should work better considering it actually cost slightly more at shop cost. I should have mentioned that and watched him stammer like the fool he is.

What burns me even more is that the guy new nothing of wrenching, he was just a salesmen equipped with a spare tire. This guy was so programmed to repeat what he was told by his compatriots that he never once considered he could be wrong, no objective reasoning whatsoever. I have serious reservations that the guy rides even 10 miles a week considering the lack of any muscle tone and how weighty he was (reminds me of a guy I knew that worked at another LBS and shaved his legs yet didn't own a bike).

At my LBS, we wont dare berate a customers rig or his choice of componentry. I wish I had the balls to bitch slap the guy and his buddies three stooges style.
So, what's your point?Kerry
Nov 17, 2002 6:20 PM
Like you've never had this experience in an bike shop before? Like you're the only one who has? Any specialty goods store is a likely place to find similar BS. Comes with the territory.
So, what's your point?bsimone
Nov 17, 2002 7:02 PM
I've never been in a predicament where a store which could stand the chance of losing a sale attempted to make me feel like I was inadequate thereby persuading me to take my business elsewhere.

And no, I don't feel that it comes with the territory. In the eight years that I have seriously been involved in cycling and the number of LBS's I've shopped at, this was the first time I experienced such rude and uninformed behavior.
re: I just have to ventRusty Coggs
Nov 17, 2002 7:02 PM
Guess you need tougher skin,more balls or a big MFer to back you up.Life's too short.
re: I just have to ventWoof the dog
Nov 17, 2002 9:19 PM
he is right though.
re: I just have to ventAeroTom
Nov 17, 2002 8:23 PM
"I wish I had the balls to bitch slap the guy and his buddies three stooges style."

Hahahhahahhaa, oh man that was funny. :) I have been studying for my end of year University exams when I read this and it really made me laugh.

And the guy you mentioned who didn't even own a bike!!! Hahahahaha, where do you find these people? :)

I hear ya.pmf1
Nov 18, 2002 6:42 AM
What is it with some of these Campy worshippers? They have their own website, conventions, and still feel the need to put down Shimano every chance they get. Its like they have something to prove. And more often than not, the guy making the snide ShimaNO comments is some doofus who wears a hairnet rides 600 miles a year. My buddy Joe is a fine example. Loves to put down Shimano stuff. Has his SLX Fondriest he bought in Italy with Chorus components. Gets decked out in the team outfit (choose one, he has 5 or 6 of them) and does an 8 mile ride a couple of times a year. And he lives right across the street from the W&OD bike trail.

I'll never forget some 16 year old kid at a bike shop telling me "Yeah, we're a Campy shop. I guess Shimano works, but that's about it. You should have put Campy on that Colnago".
idiots everywheretrekkie1
Nov 18, 2002 7:19 AM
Hey, that's life. Show me an industry that does not have a bunch of idiot salespeople. Computers? Cars? Heck I once went into a Nissan showroom and asked the salesperson whether the new 300ZX had ABS. He kept saying, "It doesn't need it. It has disc brakes." Despite my trying to educate him a bit, he didn't get it. I walked out.

Every industry has the salepeople lackies who don't have clue about what they are selling. That's life.
all this hostility over a alloy pulley purchase? (nm)ColnagoFE
Nov 18, 2002 8:19 AM
re: I just have to ventrdbkr
Nov 18, 2002 8:25 AM
The thing is, we're often TOLD to support our LBS, when in fact, we should just feel compelled to because we like their service, or the staff is friendly and courteous,etc.

No one tells us to buy online, but we do. Why? Because of the prices, certainly, but also because we don't have to put up with someone's condescending BS.

Not making a blanket statement of all LBS', obviously, but some of these shops are shooting themselves in the foot.