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Campy converts from Shimano....(13 posts)

Campy converts from Shimano....Ride-Fly
Nov 17, 2002 3:52 PM
Hey all, I am NOT trying to start a little war here about what is better, Campy or Shimano. What I am trying to find out is if any of you out there were Shimano Ult or D/A die-hards that tried and even converted to Campy Chorus or Record. I just test rode a bike (steel DeRosa Corum) with full Chorus grouppo and Proton wheels. The frame was very sweet. I test rode a Colnago Lux Dream (Columbus Airplane tubing) after the DeRosa and then rode my '00 Klein after that along the same 2 mile stretch. I could definately feel that the steel was a lot smoother than the Colnago and somewhat smoother than my Klein. Even between the Klein's Gradient tubing and the Airplane tubing I could tell that the Airplane transmitted a significant amount more of the road buzz.
Anyways, I digress about the frames. So the DeRosa that I am interested in has the Chorus group and I didn't like the thumb toggles on the hoods. Do you eventually get used to it??? Has any of you converts still pine for the Shimano shifters over the Campy?? Have you come to love them over the Shimanos??? Talk to me bubbas!!! Thanks and Ride ON!!!
I have seen the light and will NEVER go back...GreenFan
Nov 17, 2002 4:02 PM
I built up my latest road bike last April with predominantly Campy Record after having used Shimano exclusively for the last 20 years and I will never go back. At first I was wary of the thumb shifters after having only very briefly tested them on someone's cross bike, after 7 months and over 4000 miles though I can honestly say I much prefer the thumb shifter buttons to the pivoting brake lever not to mention the very solid feel of a Campy shift and the lack of chain skip that used to trouble me with Shimano. Everyone has their own opinion, and that's mine, for what it's worth.
You doteoteoteo
Nov 17, 2002 4:35 PM
Get used to it. I didn't like it so much for the first few days but got over it pretty quickly. I have owned Ultegra 8 & 9, Chorus/Record 9 mix, Record 10 and Dura-Ace 9. All being said the Campy has been my favorite. The Record/Chorus 9 mix was the most bullet proof group I've ever had.

I just had to ditch my Record 10 bike (financial reasons) and ended up with lightly used DA 9. I am happy but the DA calipers seem to not be quite as strong as my Record. Maybe the pad compound, maybe too flexy. Who knows.
agreed you get used to it..ThirtyFive
Nov 17, 2002 8:49 PM
i didnt like shifting the front derailer with campy at first. it was just 'too weird' as my thumb did not want to cooporate and was always in the wrong place. i forced myself to shift the front derailer more often than i normally would and sure enough i got used to it and now i think i have more control especially when going from the granny to the middle ring (not that i ever use the granny or anything..). this was on a triple. double has a much shorter learning curve.
this is all lonefrontranger's faultweiwentg
Nov 17, 2002 5:19 PM
I recall lonefrontranger say that Ergo levers worked much better in the mud than STI. so, I put Centaur ergos on my cross bike.
I love the thumb shifters. I definitely prefer them to Shimano. and I scored a deal on Record ergos and a chorus rear derailleur, which is basically all you REALLY need for the Campy experience (Shimano's cranks are better, imo). so, all I really need is a set of 10-speed training wheels, and I'll be set.
it's a matter of personal preference, and both systems have their good points. for me, the best system is a mix of both. this is what will end up on my road bike, as soon as I get the parts together.
Nov 18, 2002 8:19 AM
that's what it's all about, corrupting the youth...

Actually, my story is that after a long absence (economic and sponsor related), I've simply come home. I had a mix of Athena and Sachs 7/8 speed Ergo on my first racing bike and loved it. I got along okay with STI, but my hands are too small for that long throw on the front rings, and I've shifted while braking once too often to prefer how it works over Ergo.

I agree with No_sprint on the maintenance. Record really is bulletproof if you set it up correctly in the first place. It is hands down the most flawless and "invisible" shifting system I've had on any bike, and I've ridden and raced 'em all, from Sora to Dura Ace, Acera to XTR, as well as a little Gripshift, Suntour and Huret thrown in there for good measure. Both of our Record setups have been working without fault for thousands of miles of racing, rain rides, abuse and neglect; my SO has had his 10-speed Record since early '00 and hasn't had to touch it once. We beat the heck out of our stuff and aren't obsessive about maintenance.

I personally prefer the Campag cranks, but that's because I have wacky pronation issues and don't have good clearance on the slightly fatter Shimano ones. Also, where Campag really shines is in their bearing products (hubs, BB). All things considered, I'll take the old design, heavier square-taper BBs that don't make noise over the newer splined Shimano versions that still tend to creak under hard use. I know Shimano also had some issues with their first generation splined BB. Mostly it's a design that requires the installer to really know what they're doing. I have encountered several people with spline mount crankarms that wouldn't stay tight no matter what they did because either they or a hamfisted shop mech had misaligned and/or damaged the splines on an install.
Same here with the small hands thing...No_sprint
Nov 18, 2002 9:51 AM
Long throw to get to the big ring in front with my Shimmy shifters. I don't like it.
Nov 18, 2002 11:43 AM
in the hoods, it's manageable. in the drops, it's irritating. granted, if I'm in the drops I will likely already be in the big ring. but still. plus I really dig the thumb buttons.
LFR, you're terrible, aren't you. the first word out of your firstborn's mouth will probably be 'Campy'. or, as the Brits say, 'Campag'. :)
re: Campy converts from Shimano....pina
Nov 17, 2002 5:21 PM
I used to use Ultegra and now use Chorus and Record. I think you will get used to the tabs quicker than you think. Shimano is good also, but i would keep the Chorus on it myself.
A slight diversionKerry
Nov 17, 2002 5:55 PM
Your frame tests may be meaningless unless you used the exact same wheels (the SAME wheels) on each ride, with the tires pumpted to the same pressure. Wheels have a huge effect on the ride, and often swamp out frame differences. Even using the same wheels on comparison rides, tire pressure differences can throw you off. Same wheels means you took the wheels off one bike and put them on the other bike. There are too many variations in build to say that two wheels with the same components or two sets of factory wheels are "the same." BTW, I've not ridden Shimano on road bikes, but I like Campy, FWIW.
re: Campy converts from Shimano....Steve Bailey
Nov 18, 2002 6:51 AM
My case is a bit different, as the bike's a Heron with a 110/74 bcd crank. I had tried Ultegra triple when I first built up the bike - hated it !. I also have a Klein 8 spd. Ultegra double, which works just fine, but the triple was a PITA.

The Centaur Ergo shifts a 24/38/52, non-pinned/ramped ring combo perfectly. I did have to convert to a Campy R. derailer, and suffered a bit on the shifts as it's a 9 spd. Campy shifting with a 9 spd. Shimano cassette. I eventually went for the Wheels Manufacturing Campy compatable cassette on Shimano hub. That combo shifts perfectly, but I admit that it's not cost effective.

FWIW, I love the feel and action of the Ergo levers, but have no preference over Shimano. Both feel and work just fine, but then again, so does my bar-con commuter...

Steve B.
re: Campy converts from Shimano....No_sprint
Nov 18, 2002 7:24 AM
Real world experience. I have both Record 10 and DA 9. I ride and race both. I like the shape of the DA shifters better but the shifting action of the Record is superior. Don't worry about the thumb shifters, you'll love them. I prefer them now. The big kicker is this: My Record 10 setup has about the same miles this year as my DA setup. The Campy has not been adjusted at all. I have had the DA bike in the shop several times. With the DA rig I have pretty much decided the 12 and 13 are just off limits if I'm in the small front ring.
I have campy record but think I might rather DAishmael
Nov 18, 2002 10:21 AM
I've only used shimano a couple of times and it was OK...the campy is great in every regard except when I try to shift out of the saddle...I cant comfortably get the thumby levers..I either have to stop pedaling or sit down a bit to keep stable..One exhausted day I'm going to fall over trying..and my hands arent that small and my bars are short reach and the levers are positioned normally...the athstetics, quality, and everything all amount to nothing while I'm trying this maneuver.